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Shauna Anderson has worked for over 18 years as a journalist in TV news and current affairs. Her longest stint was as Chief of Staff at the Nine Networks Today Show. Prior to that she was a reporter, producer and writer.
She is now News Editor at 'Mamamia" and is a Mum to three young kids.

In court: they say their babysitter shook their baby and she died.

It may be one of the most fundamental fears a parent can have. Can I trust another person with my child? Can I trust another to look after my child as well as I can? And if you do hand over that trust - the idea of it being broken is one of the most impossibly difficult things to imagine.

Having children is a basic human need. Should these women be denied it?

IVF should be banned for women over the age of 40. Wow - there it is. What a call. What a controversial statement. What a kick in the guts for anyone with that blinding, aching, empty need for a baby or who is emotionally and mentally exhausted from the strain of IVF.

Should you force reluctant kids to kiss relatives?

So it turns out that I might just be harming my children. This is very distressing news as there are three of them - so that's a whole lot of harm! I didn't mean to do it, in fact I thought I was doing the right thing.

Patricia Montes and Erica Avery were part of a rape gang in Florida

They look like the faces of two normal teenage girls. Two fresh faced teens with the usual hang-ups and anxieties that go with being young these days. But it seems they are anything but fresh faced. And possibly anything but normal. What they are accused of doing will shock and horrify you.

Acclaimed businesswoman Casey Kinnaird dies in tragic accident.

Fifteen minutes. What could you accomplish in fifteen minutes? Order a coffee, walk to the train station, bath your newborn, put the kids to bed. On Tuesday this young woman's family had fifteen minutes to make the most heartbreaking decision of their lives - whether to save her or let her die.

Amanda talks about the available support for women with breast cancer.

Today seven women will die of breast cancer. Seven women. Amanda Vea Vea is NOT one of them. She was due to die on October 31 st 2012. That's the date she was given. Over 18 months later she is glowing - inspiring women, making them laugh, cry and smile with her amazing attitude.

Father who set his sons on fire is sentenced to 20 years in jail

Warning: This post deals with difficult issues surrounding child custody and horrific descriptions of injuries. It may be upsetting for some readers. This is a story no-one wants to read on Christmas Eve. It has details that none of us want to face.

Childcare educators are calling for the word sorry to be dumped.

My four-year-old says it through gritted teeth. After much forcing. He mumbles it behind his hand like I am trying to pull teeth from his mouth. My six-year-old says it often, over and over like it's a free pass to behave how he wants.

Boys vs Girls. Will kids actually play with gender neutral toys?

From the moment she was born I was sure that my daughter was destined to be a tomboy. With two older rough-and-tumble brothers surely she had no choice. I frowned when people started buying her pink rabbits and raggedy patchwork dolls. She wouldn't play with them!

5 step (failsafe) backseat entertainment plan. (You're welcome).

I think we all have a favourite memory of a road trip when we were kids. And I often think that many of our memories of that road trip are pretty selective. My all time greatest holiday was the time me, my big brother and my parents decided to undertake the GREATEST ROAD TRIP OF ALL a Sydney to Darwin lets-show-the-kids-the-real-Australia holiday.

Rugby League player Blake Ferguson convicted of indecent assault

It was a night meant for celebration. A night of drinking with the boys. And soaking up the adoration of the local blondes. He'd been selected for State of Origin and it was time to let loose. It was June 16 and Rugby League star Blake Ferguson was living the life celebrating with ex-Canberra teammate Josh Dugan.

Josie Webster wasn't invited to the formal so her Mum made this video

She plays the drums with delightful rhythm. She rode the Shotover River in New Zealand as a nine-year-old. At the age of ten, she journeyed to Uluru in Central Australia. She travelled to Hong Kong with her family and navigated them around the public transport system.

Melbourne Zoo welcomes a new baby elephant into the world

It's a sad tale with a happy ending. Here at Mamamia we love a newborn - and we love having a reason to be happy. So this story was worth sharing for its simple elements of love, joy and happiness. Which - at Christmas is something we all need more of.

Warren Ross found guilty of the murder of Tanilla Warwick Deaves

Warning: This post deals with themes of child abuse and may be distressing for some readers. It was so tough to hear that the jury were offered counselling due to the distressing nature of the case. It was so extreme at the end that the killer called a [read more]

PISA results show Australia's education system failing

When she was Prime Minister Julia Gillard set an ambitious goal for Australian education- to be ranked as a top-five country in reading, mathematics and science by 2025. An important education report released overnight shows just how far we are from the goal.

17 year old poisoned by drinking methanol in Bali

For seventeen-year-old Jasmine Baker schoolies was meant to be about celebrating the end of many years of hard work. It was meant to be a week of friendships and laughter in the sun. It was meant to be about partying, but also about being safe.

Police search for missing 14-year old girl Krystal Muhieddine.

Last Friday fourteen-year old Krystal Muhieddine snuck out to see a movie. Her parents found out she had been lying about who she was with. They were, as parents are often, a little bit angry with their daughter. A week later she is missing.

Will this sick asylum seeker baby be sent back to Nauru?

A newborn baby in court. A sick newborn baby. With his mother and father fighting to keep him in a country that will give him a basic right to decent medical care. A Government determined to send them back to hell.

Give babies the Gift of Sleep with sleep whisperer, Elizabeth Sloane

Sleep is something that doesn't come naturally to me. I've never been comfortable with taking all those hours "off". I always feel like I'm missing something somewhere if I succumb to the night. It was a steadfast diet of caffeine that got me through my twenties and early thirties.

Simon Gittany found guilty of murdering his fiancee.

For Lisa Harnum life was complicated. As a ballerina living in Sydney away from her family in Canada she battled daily with bulimia and anxiety. Lisa fought her whole life to control the illness that took over her mind and her body. However dangerous her eating disorder was for her health however, it did not kill her.

Kiki van de Laar photographed her battle with breast cancer

These are the words that end an inspirational book: "Rather than living in fear of the unknown, I live in the knowledge that life is fantastic. " ( from 'Courage Through a Lens: A Breast Cancer Journey') And these were the words that ended an inspirational life: "Do [read more]

He claimed that he loved his son; so why did he hurt him like this...

It's something we normally associate with the Mothers. Women so desperate for attention they harm their babies or children in order to get it. Women so incredibly broken inside, the most innocent of victims suffer. In 93% of cases it is women. So often that leading medical [read more]

Undercover journalists first-hand account of harrowing asylum seeker journey

Undercover journalists have published a first hand account of the epic asylum seeker journey from Indonesia to Christmas Island. The two New York Times Magazine journalists paid $4000 each for a harrowing open-decked wooden boat voyage that delivered 57 desperate people to Christmas Island.

NSW DPP to appeal Kieran Loveridge four-year sentence for king hit

"How many boys or how many of our children have to die before somebody does something to change these laws to make people accountable for what they do?" Last Friday Kathy Kelly and her husband were clearly shocked at the sentence handed down to their son's killer.

Melissa Bachman killed a lion and sparked social media fury

She's been branded 'heartless', 'shameless', callus and cruel. Possibly one of the most hated women in the world at the moment. She's the lion killing TV presenter who sparked a social media storm across the weekend.

The Adelaide Burn Book. Naming and shaming teengaers online.

Regina: Still true. Gretchen: Dawn Schweitzer is a fat virgin. Regina: Still half-true. Most of us remember Regina's 'Burn Book' from the movie, Mean Girls. A teenage girls' scrapbook that contained the secrets and horribly cruel taunts about every other student at their school. Watching the film: we laughed.

Typhoon Haiyan kills Australian ex-priest Kevin Lee

Fears more than 10,000 people are dead after Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines. Razing entire communities, flattening houses and shattering lives. The category five typhoon is thought to be one of the strongest ever recorded. One of the worst affected areas is the city of [read more]

The Abbott government's first day of Parliament

It's first day at school for the Abbott government and day one promises to be interesting. Although initially ceremonial - not till tomorrow will the real fireworks start. The new PM is promising a quieter, more restrained, less turbulent Parliament. Australia's 44th Parliament will see fewer women in Government ranks than previously.

The truth about milk sharing - Mamamia

Jemina's newborn son was failing to put on weight. Like any new mum she was starting to get concerned. The solution from her lactation consultant was clear, increase his milk feeds, but Jemina's own breast milk supply couldn't meet her baby's demand. For many women the answer would have been simple: Millions of babies take formula every day.

The Roast Busters. An online rape club that police can't shut down.

The first rule of rape club? Nobody talks about rape club. The second rule of rape club? See rule number one. No, this isn't a Hollywood horror flick. This story actually happened and for two years now, the police have known about it but been powerless to act.

Kids of the opposite sex banned from change rooms.

Picture this: Lucy O'Brien is at swimming lessons with her dad. She's only five-years-old and after a full day of learning, playing and having to fend for herself at Big School, she's ready to drop. The lesson is over. Lucy is cold, tired and fed up.

New car seat recommendations for children released

Baby Isabella Cardwell may still be alive today had she been properly restrained in her car seat. On December 6, 2011, the tiny eight-week-old baby was carefully wrapped in a blanket by her mother and placed in the second-hand capsule. Tragically the car she was travelling in slammed into a tree near Kilcoy in Queensland.

Should you GPS track your kids?

I nearly lost my two-year old at a shopping centre the other day. So I am thinking of having her implanted with a tracking device.. Said no one ever you might think. Well think again... In one of the more bizarre things I have read this week comes this quote from an article titled 'How to track your child's whereabouts.'

Should we ban Halloween in Australia?

'Trick or treat'... Do those three words get your goat? Does the very mention of October 31 launch an instant tirade against the evils of small children dressing as superheroes and begging for sugar? Love it or hate it? The very idea of Halloween polarizes Australians.

My oldest friend has cancer | Mamamia

By SHAUNA ANDERSON In 2010 Bridget was hard at work leading a team in Senator Mark Arbib's office. It was election time and she was working 6 days a week. Bridget was beyond busy in her job.

My child hits.

By SHAUNA ANDERSON I have the loveliest four year old in existence. He crawls into my bed in the early hours of the morning clutching his stuffed green dragon and says: "cuddle me Mama." He plays dolls with his baby sister and dinosaur slayers with his older brother.

Are we raising a Marshmallow Generation?

"Look Mum, I got a certificate!" cried my son in his first week of school. I, the proud, first-time school Mum, did what every first-time school Mum does these days and photographed it and posted it on Facebook. So too with the certificate earned the next week, then the award in Assembly, then the pendant which now hangs proudly in my kitchen.

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