Sharnice Breeden

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I am a freelance writer and blogger, working primarily in the realm of fashion and event coverage. In addition to writing a local fashion blog for the past 2 years, I have also been a contributor for other sites offering my expertise in trends, style and fashion.

Hanging On My Hanger: HOODLVM Fashion Showcase

Snapchat: Niecydotcom Who doesn't love a great fashion show? The music, the lights, the fashion....THE WAIT? I recently attended the Hoodlvm Fashion Showcase for the S/S 2016 line. As excited as I was to see the fashion, I became just as excited to just sit down inside the venue.

TURNING PAGES: Be You & Live Civil

Everybody wants to be like Mike, I just want to be like Karen. That may sound weird but in a way its true. Karen Civil has been able to turn her natural talent for connecting with people and the ever-growing world of social media into a successful career and brand.


As much as I love to travel, there is nothing like being back in your own city. This past weekend definitely helped me bring my Summer to a close at the H Street Festival. We've seen many festivals across the city and the DMV area over the years but this has to be the biggest neighborhood festival currently.

Jesus, YEEZUS?!

So today I saw this post on Baller Alert... To be honest, I've never had a desire to purchase anything from the Yeezy line so I was shocked to see that this sweatshirt was priced at $2600. Kanye has historically expressed his interest in social issues such as race, wealth and class.