Shanté Shedrick

Communications Specalist

Location icon D.C., Maryland, Virginia Area

As an emerging professional, Shanté Shedrick brings a wealth of knowledge to interested companies. She is a creative and forward thinking communication specialist with multifaceted experiences in broadcast, print, advertising and marketing. Shedrick’s overall goal is to create influential work that will both motivate and inspire others who share a similar interest.
Her experience includes anchoring live broadcast and one-man band reporting for radio, television and online mediums. She is known for her inquisitive nature, which stems not only from her insatiable love of writing, but also her enthusiasm in knowing what is happening in the world around her. Shedrick’s work has afforded her the opportunity to infuse her academic learning with professional experience at news conglomerates affiliated with ABC, NPR and Sinclair Broadcasting Group.
Although few opportunities were present in her college town, Shedrick has always been interested in lifestyle, beauty, fashion and entertainment. From writing columns on how to incorporate fashion trends into college wardrobes, to facilitating fashion-talent shows at the University of Florida; Shedrick has worked with brands such as ASOS, Gainesville Fashion Week and College Fashionista.
She is now seeking a new and exciting opportunity where she can continue to gain hands on experience in communications through an entry level-position. Please do not hesitate to browse multimedia videos and previously written articles below by Shedrick.



ALL IN THE DETAILS: Don't Call It A Come Back

What better way to push the boundaries of fashion than by putting a twist on a vintage look that's been around for years? Remember the neck sweater from the late 1980s and early 1990s? You know, the one that hung across the back with sleeves over the shoulders and a tie at the neckline?


College life can be pretty hectic sometimes. Between long nights at the library and early morning classes, going to school in style can slip to the bottom of the priority list. Even if you plan on rolling back in bed after your 9 o'clock class, you don't have to dress like it.

WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Getting dressed for winter weather can be complicated, but the solution to tackling the cold doesn't have to be. Although it may seem hard to bundle up and still look great, there are many ways to dress so that you can stay warm and show off your sense of fashion.

WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

Believe it or not, people are judged based off their looks. Shocking, isn't it? We live in a world of perception and although our outward presence is not nearly as important as our inner character, people are best examined when they dress well.


If there's one thing we can all agree on this season, it's the love for plaid. Nearly every retail store is carrying the trend in just about every color and fit you can think of. It's no wonder plaid has become a staple in everyone's wardrobe.


Army surplus stores have been offering civilians a bit of wartime machismo at a fair price for decades. Whether for fashion or for function, camouflage is never really off-trend. The military aesthetic has made its way from runway shows to street style, and now it's taking over college campuses.

STYLE GURU STYLE: From Runway To Reality

Let's face it; most runway trends are only meant to be worn on the catwalk. While most of us can appreciate couture ensembles with architectural shoulders and exaggerated silhouettes, we never follow them precisely as they're shown on the runway. I felt the same way, until I discovered the Ralph Lauren pre-fall 2015 collection.


DeFreitas' inspiration stems from street wear, online clothing and television. "I pretty much mix and match styles in my head then go home and sketch them." DeFreitas plans to go to college and major in nursing but she hopes that one day she will live out her dream with the opportunity and a career in fashion where she can bring back old fads and fashions from the 1980s.




The ultimate goal in the show is to help the women overcome their defense mechanisms, become real friends and improve their behavioral problems. Depending on the group of women, goals are achieved, at least until the reunion, when old feelings surface and the women brawl for a finale that leaves viewers in awe.

New program's message: 'Education is the key'

'Girlfriends' coming to Pinellas County Schools ABOVE PHOTO: Mary Brown, a member of the Pinellas County School Board, is heading up the new program. (JADE SPRADLEY/SNN) By SHANTE SHEDRICK SNN Staff Writer 5000 Role Models, a group for at-risk boys in Pinellas County, now has a little sister: Girlfriends of Pinellas, a group that mentors young ladies.

State stalks Spartans

Monday, 20 September 2010 09:13 Department of Education arrives at Lakewood ABOVE PHOTO:Collie Kolosey gestures as she speaks to other state and county staff assigned to Lakewood High School at a meeting on Aug. 31.(TYLER HOLCOMBE/SNN) By SHANTE' SHEDRICK SNN Staff Writer Little laughter filled the library on Aug.

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