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The past three years of my career have been packed with all sorts of writing.

I started off with my own travel blog and extended my expertise through guest posts to other blogs and websites throughout the digital world.

I also spend a whole lot of time copy writing and ghost writing for clients and companies in the niches of travel, lifestyle, business and more!

I create lots of content, make pretty info-graphics and share it on social media too!

Nice to meet you!


Web Content

The Ultimate List of Things to do in Dubrovnik - Exeter

Croatia's gem of a city, Dubrovnik, is positioned right next to the Adriatic Sea. While it has been blessed with the natural beauty that surrounds its borders, the city has also been well preserved, keeping much of its history and stunning architecture intact.

Sublime China
Shannon Ullman, Author at Sublime China

In preparation for your trip to China, you have probably thought about doing some reading in your guide books and scanning blogs online. However, there is another way to school yourself on what you will encounter on your trip. YouTube is full of great channels that cover China from a whole variety of angles.

Heli Fishing - Blaycation

Deep within the forests of British Colombia, you wake cozily within a lavish cabin resort and set the tone for the day with a hearty meal, surrounded by open window views of nothing but greenery. The pines and the trickling streams have you feeling like the star in a commercial for recreational equipment and catching a...

Number 16 - Blaycation

Number Sixteen has been referred to as the coziest boutique hotel in London and one of the most luxurious bed and breakfasts. Located down a quiet side street in South Kensington, amongst a row of nineteenth-century Victorian townhouses, it blends in with the quintessential London neighborhood.

Guest Posts

Matador Network
10 things you'll miss when you leave China

LIVING IN CHINA FOR OVER A YEAR DROVE ME COMPLETELY INSANE. The differences of everyday life were often hard to handle and the amount of breakdowns I had after visits to restaurants and post offices are too many to count.

The Huffington Post
Why I Left My Boyfriend of 10 Years

Thirteen months to be exact, that's how long I went without seeing my boyfriend. I saw him on a screen every day, but not once did I get to hold his hand or wedge my face into that cozy space between his jaw and shoulder. Leaving Josh wasn't easy.

Thought Catalog
10 Reasons Everyone In Their 20s Would Be Much Better Off Moving To Asia

This is especially true for native English speakers as it is simple to get a job with no experience and very few qualifications. Although teaching jobs are abundant, there are other job opportunities that can easily be found too; among them, writing for English language magazines and newspapers, as well as travel blogging.

How to Pack Like a Minimalist

Getting my bearings on the European backpacking circuit didn't teach me much about travel fashion. The purple 70 liter behemoth on my back was packed in preparation for nights on train station floors. Day dreams of functionality saw a bulky rain coat, yoga pants and wrinkly t-shirts in my wardrobe that ended up being a hefty sum of nothing I wanted to wear.

New Zealand's Best Animal Encounters

New Zealand's got nature folks! It's well known and loved. Hiking seems to be the national past time and it seems that the country is comprised of more national parks than cities and towns. While the glaciers and lakes are agreeably epic, the wildlife adds a whole new aspect of sightseeing onto the itinerary.


Lives Abroad
Taking an Art Class in Ubud, Bali - Lives Abroad

Ubud is absolutely overflowing with opportunities to gain new skills and explore potential hobbies. Advertisements for Balinese dance lessons hang from resort windows and art class offerings are sneakily stuck into local galleries. A significant portion of the expat population is enrolled in yoga teacher trainings and classes offering barista lessons and raw food chef certifications are easy to find.

Lives Abroad
Want To Visit The Caribbean On A Budget? Now You Can - Lives Abroad

Ah, the Caribbean, just the name sounds dreamy doesn't it? Aside from pirates and Johnny Depp, I always pictured beautiful women in floppy hats drinking daiquiris on the beach. A huge hub for luxurious cruise lines and notoriously expensive, I always thought of the Caribbean as a high roller destination, reserved for the rich and famous.

How To Be Strong, According To 21 Famously Badass Women

Being a strong, independent boss-lady, it's kind of a life goal right? Whether it's dealing with the pressures of juggling kids and a career, or trying to make time for your girlfriends when you have a steamy romance to pursue, being strong enough to handle it all can be tough.

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