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Real Mushrooms
Medicinal Mushroom Benefits: Mycelium vs Fruiting Body

Not all fungi products are equal. You should know what you're getting when you purchase supplements to reap medicinal mushroom benefits. And with so many products on the market making claims about ingredients and efficacy, it can be challenging to understand what really offers the most benefit to your health.

20 Free Resources to Help Cope with Coronavirus Anxiety - Endo·dna

The coronavirus outbreak is affecting all of us in different ways, but there's no doubt that we're all experiencing increased stress. Whether it's concern over catching the virus itself, trying to keep our family healthy, or challenges with job loss and social distancing, there are a lot of things increasing our anxiety.

What to Look for When Choosing a Patient Recruitment Company

How can you choose the recruitment methods for research studies that are right for your budget, goals, and context? Find the best method for your study-here we dive into the most common recruitment methods ranking cost, effectiveness, reliability, time and difficulty.

Trialfacts' Unique Process Brings Predictability to Participant Recruitment

Participant recruitment is notoriously the most difficult part of a clinical trial. Between identifying potential participants, screening, and enrollment most studies spend an inordinate amount of time trying to find the right people to participate. Nick Karrasch, Trialfacts' CEO, likes to describe what typical recruitment looks like without the Due Diligence process.

Social Media and Mobile Devices Have Changed Recruitment

Over the last five years, there have been shifts within the clinical trial and advertising industries that have changed the face of recruitment, including an increase in the data available and an improved ability to identify and target the most qualified potential participants for clinical trials.

Business Insider
I was making an extra $30,000 a year from my side gig, so I made the switch to full-time...

Writer Shannon Hennig, an experienced healthcare industry leader, was making $30,000 a year from her freelance side hustle before getting laid-off from her full-time job. Already tired of balancing her 9-to-5 workload with motherhood and other obligations, Hennig decided to transition to full-time self-employment - and she hasn't looked back.

This Leadership Thing Is A Lot Harder Than It Looks

Four important lessons for new leaders in any organization After successfully managing and implementing a high stakes, controversial health care service to reduce deaths attributed to the opioid crisis, I was feeling pretty good about my leadership abilities. I'd pulled together a multi-disciplinary team from across a huge health care organization and together, we rocked it.

Family First Wellness
Why All Moms Need a Postpartum Mental Health Plan

Creating a postpartum mental health plan when you're in the middle of planning for a new baby is something all women should be encouraged to do. Maybe you've always wanted to be a mom, so you assume that you won't have any problems adjusting after baby has arrived.
Postpartum Depression Doesn't Just End After One Year

Postpartum depression and other mood disorders are confusing. To start, there's a lot of misconception about when the postpartum period ends. And that misconception leads to confusion and arbitrary rules about when and how moms can get help. It can also... #depression #maternalmentalhealth #moms

Join the BFD Study with Iodine's Start App

Postpartum Progress is excited to be continuing its partnership with Iodine, the creators of an app for your iOS smartphone called Start that helps you track your progress when starting a new anti-depressant. We believe that when your health information is given to you in an easy to understand way, you've got the power to act on it and make better decisions.
Concrete vs Fiberglass Pool - Pros, Cons, Comparisons and Costs

When the weather begins to warm up, your thoughts naturally turn to summer and the time you can spend outside. When the temperature soars, one of the best ways to stay cool is in a swimming pool. Concrete and in-ground pools are two different options to consider when installing a pool in your backyard.
Porch vs Patio - Pros, Cons, Comparisons and Costs

There is nothing like spending a quiet summer evening outside watching the sun slowly set or entertaining a group of friends. Outdoor living spaces are very popular and in order to take full advantage of your property, you want to consider a dedicated space which can accommodate seating, dining, and even cooking.


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