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Shannon Christie

Content Writer

Location icon London, United Kingdom

Content writer living and (fortunately) breathing in London. Enthusiastic about my hatred for the word enthusiast.

Contact me: [email protected]


The London Fashion Agency

The London Fashion Agency
5 of the best independent festivals in Europe

With festival season fast approaching, we've rounded up the quirkiest independent festivals to be seen at this summer. Get your wellies at the ready, people...

The London Fashion Agency
So when's the best time to post on social media?

In the midst of the Digital Age, using social media (and using it well) is invaluable in establishing brand identity and broadcasting your name to the masses.

The London Fashion Agency
Top 10 London-based Trouva boutiques

Hand-picking products from the best boutiques across the UK, online marketplace Trouva says no to the chain-dominated high street with an alternate shopping experience that empowers independent boutiques. In the age of corporate mega-machines and cookie-cutter chains, the lovely people at Trouva take a refreshing approach to online shopping.

The London Fashion Agency
Through Milo's Eyes: A Day in the Life of an Office Dog

Hey! I’m Milo, but I guess you knew that already because if you know anything about LFA then you’ll know that I’m kiiind of a big deal around here (Company Chairman, to be exact). As I’m such an important part of Mum’s agency, I thought it was time to put paw to paper and give you an insight into what it’s like being one of the big dogs in business.

The London Fashion Agency
We have something to tell you..

OK LFA readers, we've got a confession to make: we've been keeping a secret from you. Don't worry, it's not a bad secret like that time Ross cheated on Rachel with Chloe the copy girl (we're just going to put it out there; they were so not on a break) - it's the kind that we've been dying to spill since the email first popped into our inbox a few weeks ago.

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