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Crane Collapses in Jebel Ali Causing Injuries

There were only moderate to minor injuries reported. A container ship collided with the harbour wall and then hit a crane at the Jebel Ali Port last week, causing the crane to fall. While there were no fatalities, 10 people were injured in the incident.

Kind Acts by Traffic Police Across the UAE

Instead of receiving fines and black points, some drivers are being given a clean slate while others are being rewarded. Police in different parts of the UAE have been surprising motorists with good news lately. Considering there are stricter fines coming into effect in July, these acts were welcomed by many.

Dubai Drivers to Be Fined Dh1,000 for Tossing Cigarette Butts

Dubai drivers who smoke in their cars will now need to be extra careful not to fling their cigarette butts out onto the street. In an effort to combat loutish driving behaviour, the Dubai police will be handing out hefty fines if they catch you.

Dubai Now Has Its Very Own Font

Dubai is the first city in the world to have a font named after it! If you've been looking for a unique font lately, well look no further. Earlier today, HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammad Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council revealed the Dubai Font.

Everything You Need to Know About Doha Festival City

One of Qatar's biggest malls has officially opened its doors to the public, but you'll still have to wait for many of its best features. Qatar's newest mall was filled with enthusiastic shoppers on its soft launch opening. Doha Festival City (DFC) is bringing many new names to the country, including Harvey Nichols, Ace Hardware and Borders bookstore.

Supersonic Jets Could Soon Cut Your Flight Time in Half

Hate long flights? Your trips can soon become shorter thanks to this new technology! With both driverless cars and flying cars on the horizon for Dubai, you'd think the Emirate has reached the peak of innovative transport options. But the excitement continues as supersonic planes are expected to be a reality sooner than you think.

Two Years in Jail for Sharing Accident Photos in Qatar

You might be used to sharing everything on social media, but accidents shouldn't be one of them. A new legislation has been approved in Qatar that imposes jail time and fines for any person caught taking, recording or sharing photos and videos of accident victims. The new Law No.

The Dubai Frame Has an Official Opening Date

The long-anticipated landmark will finally be opening soon. The completion of the Dubai Frame has been long-awaited, with many delays and postponements. However, it seems like the wait is finally about to be over. According to the Dubai Municipality, we can expect the Dubai Frame to launch in October 2017.

Predated Sick Leave No Longer Accepted in Dubai

If you need to take sick leave, make sure you don't wait to get your doctor's note... The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has just announced new rules stating that predated sick leave for three consecutive days or more can no longer be obtained.

RTA Teams Up With Uber to Bring Flying Taxis to Dubai

Dubai residents could soon have flying vehicles on-demand to get around the Emirate. Two months ago, we reported about driverless, flying cars coming to Dubai this summer. While that's still happening, it looks like it's going to happen in a slightly different manner and a little later than initially expected.

Further Updates on Maternity Leave for Dubai Government Employees

There's more good news for expecting mothers who work in the government sector! In January, it was confirmed that Dubai Government employees would receive three months of paid maternity leave from the date of delivery. This came into effect on March 1st.

8 Common Questions Asked About Setting Up a Business in Dubai

Considering opening a company in the Emirate? Here answers to some basic questions you might have... There is a lot of research that needs to be done when looking into opening a company in Dubai. Since it's a decision that shouldn't be taken lightly, you will need to have an in-depth understanding of how things work.

Abu Dhabi to Increase Taxi Fares

Taking a taxi in Abu Dhabi is about to get a bit more expensive with new base fares and prices coming into effect soon.

Watch: A Dubai Man Flies Off Carried By Balloons

It's Dubai's very own version of Up! Weekends in Dubai can be pretty great. With all the brunches, spectacular views and outdoor activities, it's easy to have fun days off. But your weekend was probably not as epic as this!

Stricter Traffic Rules and Increased Fines Coming to UAE

Motorists across the UAE can expect severe penalties soon, especially for speeding and not wearing a seat belt. We recently reported there will be a new law making it mandatory for all car passengers to wear a seat belt, with a fine of Dh400 per passenger and four black points.

10 Things to Do in Dubai This Summer

Spending the hottest months of the year in the Emirate might not sound appealing, but there are plenty of things you can do indoors. Anyone who has endured the summer in Dubai will know that it can get unbearable sometimes. With the high humidity added to the heat, everyone starts changing their outdoor lifestyle into an indoor one.