Seth Martin


United States

I'm a freelance writer working with creative small businesses in defense of meaningful work.

The Spoon Factory
Hysteria: The Making of a Masterpiece

In 1984, Def Leppard set out to record what would eventually become Hysteria, their fourth studio album. "The idea was that this record was not going to come out until it was an absolute, bona fide, classic record," the band's lead singer, Joe Elliot, said in the "Hysteria" episode of the Classic Albums TV series....

The Spoon Factory
Red Knots: A Tiny Bird's Massive Migration

Bird migrations defy human understanding. Every year, for example, Adélie penguins trek more than 8,000 miles following the Antarctic ice coast as it expands then contracts. This distance isn't unusual as far as bird migrations go but the thing is, the penguins wobble all that way on foot.

88 Keys To Freedom Studio
88 Keys To Freedom Studio

Music is important to everyone, no matter their stage of life, age, or natural ability. Nothing else shapes our lives, touches our soul, and connects us to ourselves the way music does. Learning to play the piano can foster a lifelong appreciation and love for music.