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Catherine Wilkie

Freelance, PhD Restoration Ecology, Climate change, Green Living, Human Interest, Travel

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I have been working as an ecologist since 1996 and completed my PhD in restoration ecology in 2001. Most of my writing (under the name Dr. Catherine Farrell) has been for scientific journals and special ecology interest publications and conference and meeting proceedings. I have been lead editor on a number of projects as well as acting in an advisory role. My work on restoration of bogs, wetland and woodland habitat creation and climate change research has a strong international dimension and involves negotiating between industrial and ENGO interests.
My other writing (as Catherine Wilkie which is my married name) is more human interest with articles on green living, organic gardening, food, yoga, nature, parenting, music and travel.


Reef thinking: tales from Madagascar

I flew out from Dublin on a cold December day and landed in a hot and steamy Tulear in the south west of the country.


The last week has me thinking about Cuba..maybe it's our impending return to the Caribbean, or maybe it's the fact that it's been a year since our bare feet felt the soft sands of Cuba's beaches.


Lifting the Fog. ~ Catherine Wilkie

The last week has had a bite to it; no complaints from my side of the house. I'd trade the grey and damp mundane for the drama of the Irish landscape-cloaked in a thick freezing fog by morning, sun peeking through by midday, to warm the frozen fields-any day.

Yoga Therapy Ireland magazine
Pregnancy Yoga - a beginner's experience

This article was published in Yoga Therapy Ireland's Winter 2013 issue (Issue No. 56); this is the unabridged version and probably one just for the ladies, although the men might learn something too ;) Last December - just in time for Christmas - we found out that I was pregnant.

Letter to Alannah. ~ Catherine Wilkie

Via Catherine Wilkie on Oct 30, 2013 Alannah: Aleanbh, from the Gaelic phrase for "dear child." Dear Alannah, Today you are all of six weeks old, and this is a benchmark day for both of us. For you, it is the magic marker where all the experts say that you are settling into 'yourself' and 'settling down'-settling into what I wonder?

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