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Sean Prentiss

Assistant Professor of Writing

Location icon United States

I am a professor at Norwich University, which is located in central Vermont, and the creative editor for Backcountry Magazine.

I am also the editor of a forthcoming anthology on the craft of creative nonfiction. This book, The Far Edges of the Fourth Genre, is being published by Michigan State University Press in 2014.

My essays, poems, and stories have appeared in Brevity, Sycamore Review, Passages North, ISLE, Ascent, River Styx, Spoon River, Nimrod, and many other journals and magazines.

My essays have won Honorable Mention in The Atlantic Monthly’s Graduate Student Writing Contest and won Fugue’s nonfiction contest, and I have been awarded the Albert J. Colton Fellowship for Projects of National or International Scope.

I live on a lake in Vermont and spend my summers at a cabin I built in the mountains of Colorado.


Creative Nonfiction

Sou'wester Literary Journal and Models for Writing Textbook
Buying a House

An essay that was originally published in Sou'wester and anthologized in Models for Writers.

New Madrid
Clarion, Pennsylvania

An essay about a former wrestling mentor of mine who died when we were in high school.

The New Delta Review
Spring Ends in Bangor, PA

Another essay (along with Clarion, PA) that deals with the loss of my wrestling mentor.

Seeing Just Pieces

An essay about working in the woods. And an essay about learning new facets about my crew. Including that one might be an attempted murderer.

River Styx
Slow Corazon

An essay about working with a troubled girl in a residential youth home for adjudicated girls.

Quarter After Eight
The Rains of '55

An essay about the great flood of 1955 along the Delaware River.

Blue Line
River Blood

An essay about growing up on (and from) the Delaware River. A creation story.

Nonfiction (Academic/Interviews)


High Desert

A trail building poem.


Magazine Articles and Blogs

Backcountry Magazine
Coming to Turns

A magazine article about moving from the mountains and putting my skis away.

Backcountry Magazine
Mr. Kingsley's OPUS

A magazine article about visiting the OPUS hut for a ski trip.

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