Simon Tran

Technical Writer

Hello, I am currently a full-time technical writer with a startup. In my short time in the field, I have created a variety of user-facing documentation like technical instructions, quick start guides, and a product glossary. I hope to learn as much as I can in order to become an experienced writer able to adapt their content to accommodate multiple audiences.

CiraSync QuickStart Guide

QuickStart Guide created for the company flagship product CiraSync. This guide shows how to set up CiraSync and shows customers the introductory functions of the software.

Technical Writing

SJSU: School Project
KillSwitch API/Dev Guide

Initial draft of API/Dev guide documentation on an app called KillSwitch.



SJSU: School Project
Infographic: ASMR

This infographic about ASMR was a product of a project in which students were tasked in the creation of an infographic.