Sarah Czarnecki

Freelance Writer

United States

I am a maker with a passion for storytelling. After earning my BA in Creative Writing, I perfected the art of time management and multitasking before taking the leap into freelance writing in 2020. I currently write articles in a wide variety of niches.

I have authored over a dozen short stories, articles, educational documents, and produced assorted web content. In my spare time, I enjoy travel, food, literature, folklore, games, and fiber arts.

I'm currently writing my first novel.

email: [email protected]

Try These Visual Self-Editing Tricks Before You Click Publish

Editing is nearly as important as writing, and there's no lack of information on how to do it properly. It's worth running your writing through programs like Grammarly and Hemingway App. They aren't perfect, but they'll catch your most egregious errors. Read your work aloud and allow your work to rest.

Lux Arcana Candle Co.
Vampires Through the Ages

Today, the word "vampire" conjures the image of a pale-skinned undead Count in a drafty castle. Vampires as we know them are nocturnal, immortal, charismatic, and use their sharp canines to bite necks and drink the blood of their victims. This creature is only about 200 years old, but cultures around the world have believed in blood-drinking demons for millennia.

Saint-Guilhem le Désert: The Gem of Languedoc

The tiny town of Saint-Guilhem le Dé sert, an incredibly well-preserved town established over 1200 years ago, retains its medieval charm just a few kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea. Just 35 kilometers from the metropolitan French city of Montpellier stands an untouched monument to days long gone by.

How Handspun Mittens Taught Me the Art of Letting Go

Four years ago, I got my first spinning wheel. I say "first" because, as many fiber artists know, the tool stash has a way of growing at almost the same rate as the yarn and fiber stash. Shortly after I assembled my Ashford Kiwi wheel, it became apparent that I would need something to spin on it.

Weekend Getaway: A Novelette

Originally published in four parts on, Weekend Getaway has been updated and reformatted as one cohesive fantasy/horror story based on Norwegian mythology.

Sample Novel Outline

This bare-bones plot outline tells the story of a witch and her familiar on a quest to save her niece. This outline is ready to be fleshed out with round characters and the author's unique storytelling style.

Everett Piano Services LLC
Everett Piano Services LLC

For an example of my business writing, see Everett Piano Services' FAQ and About Us pages.