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5 Accounts Payable Metrics to Track and Benchmark Performance | OpsDog

Though the responsibilities of the Accounts Payable Department vary with the size of a company, in general, the Accounts Payable Department manages and pays the bills of a company. From processing incoming invoices, which could include paying the electricity bill to providing travel management and ensuring that all of the company's suppliers are paid in full and on time, the Accounts Payable Department does it all.

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Principally Uncertain
The chilling future of chocolate: Breaking the cycle of poverty and child labor

Chocoholics take heed! The issues we're experiencing with the chocolate supply chain has just as much to do with people as it does with climate change. As detailed in part 1, an increase in global temperatures and the subsequent rise in the number of attacks by fungi and other pests are reducing the production of [...]

Principally Uncertain
The chilling future of chocolate

Chocoholics, beware! The chocolate shortage everyone was talking about for the past few years may be closer than you think. The times, they are changin' Climate change may prove to be a greater threat to the production of cocoa than anything the chocolate industry has faced thus far.

The Borgen Project
The Congo War: the Human Cause and Cost - BORGEN

KINSHASA, Democratic Republic of Congo - Having the title of the deadliest conflict since World War II (with casualties numbering as high as 5.4 million), being considered the "rape capital of the world," encompassing millions of displaced people seeking escape, the conflicts surrounding the Democratic Republic of Congo since its independence from Belgium in 1960 have turned one of the richest countries of the world in natural resources into one of the poorest and violent countries on Earth.

The Borgen Project
Poverty and the Environment - The Borgen Project

It is widely known that both global poverty and the environment are very serious and high priority issues that should be addressed and solved as soon as possible. Though separate in scope, these two issues are inescapably linked, usually in negative spirals caused sometimes by greed, but mostly by the simple human desire to survive.

Rutgers University
Shifts in Ottoman Military Structure

While gunpowder technology at times granted the Ottoman Empire huge advantages over the battlefield, it, in the wider scheme of things seems to have had little effect on the overall shifts seen in the Ottoman military structure over time.

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