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Stephanie Bedard-Chateauneuf

Freelance Writer

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I have written many articles about stocks and investing. I have acquired strong investing knowledge through my financial education as well as my professional and personal experience. I'm interested in finance, investing, personal finance, and retirement. While I'm specialized in finance, I'm also interested in writing about other topics and copywriting.

While my writing experience is mostly in English, I can also write in French. Besides my writing skills, I'm also good at translating, editing, and proofreading.

Don't Let the Dow Rebound Fool You Into Buying This Market Crash

The Dow Jones Industrial Index rebounded by more than 2% Monday. Many investors might be tempted to buy more stocks, thinking the rebound will continue. In most cases, they should wait to see the full economic impact of the coronavirus. The Dow Jones Industrial Index (DJIA) fell 12.4% last week.

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RRSP vs. TFSA: Which One Is Better for You?

If you have to choose whether to invest money in a TFSA or in an RRSP because you don't have the money to have both, you may wonder which registered account is better for your situation. Before choosing between an RRSP and a TFSA, you need to understand the characteristics and the differences between the two.

Découverte et apprentissage
C2 : une conférence innovante qui combine commerce et créativité

C2 Montréal est la conférence d'affaires la plus avant-gardiste au monde, alliant commerce et créativité. L'innovation, la technologie et l'intelligence artificielle (IA) seront au cœur des activités proposées. Cette année, C2 Montréal aura lieu du 22 au 24 mai aux studios Grandé.

Découverte et apprentissage
Dix activités gratuites ou presque à faire après les dépenses du temps des fêtes

Le temps des fêtes est une période qui engendre son lot de dépenses. Il est facile de se laisser emporter par la frénésie de cette période de réjouissances et de dépenser au-delà de ses moyens. Même si vous en avez trop fait pendant la période des fêtes, ce n'est pas une raison pour ne plus sortir et vous amuser.

Découverte et apprentissage
Étudier à Montréal : comment y arriver sans se ruiner

Tout d'abord, il est important de faire un plan financier pour estimer vos revenus et dépenses pour l'année scolaire. Vous pouvez utiliser la Calculatrice de budget étudiant de RBC, qui vous aide à déterminer le montant dont vous aurez besoin pour votre année scolaire.

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Should You Buy Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences Index ETF (TSX:HMMJ) or Individual Pot Stocks?

Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences Index ETF (TSX:HMMJ) is the world's first marijuana ETF. It seeks to replicate the performance of the North American Marijuana Index, net of expenses. This index gives exposure to the performance of a basket of North American publicly listed life sciences companies with significant business activities in the marijuana industry.

Business Trends and Insights
How Oil & Gas Companies Can Successfully Boost Cash Flow Management

In the last five years, Canadian oil and gas companies have faced several challenges, including structurally low oil prices and the threat of climate change. In response to these challenges, many have increased their focus on working capital management.

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3 Mistakes to Avoid in Your TFSA

Since it was created 10 years ago, the TFSA has grown in popularity with Canadian investors. According to a study conducted by BMO, 69% of Canadians had a TFSA in 2018 - up from 56% in 2017. To fully benefit from your TFSA, there are some mistakes you should avoid.

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Which Stocks Should You Buy When Interest Rates Are Rising?

On July 12, 2017, the Bank of Canada raised its overnight rate by 25 basis points from 0.50% to 0.75%. This was the first rate hike in seven years. Since then the Bank of Canada has raised its key rate four more times, which now stands at 1.75%.

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