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Stephanie Bedard-Chateauneuf

Freelance Writer

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I have written many articles about stocks and investing. I have acquired strong investing knowledge through my financial education as well as my professional and personal experience. I'm interested in finance, investing, personal finance, and retirement. While I'm specialized in finance, I'm also interested in writing about other topics and copywriting.

While my writing experience is mostly in English, I can also write in French. Besides my writing skills, I'm also good at translating, editing, and proofreading.

Is This the End of the Stock Market Rally?

The U.S. stock market plunged sharply on Thursday on concerns about the economy and rising virus cases. The VIX spiked as investors' fear is mounting. The rally might end when investors realize the pandemic is causing lasting damages to the economy.

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2 Growth Stocks to Buy to Profit From the Market Rally

After crashing 37% in one month, the TSX has soared more than 40% since hitting bottom on March 23. Investors' optimism about the recovery is fueling the market rally. The worst seems to be behind us. In a bull market like the one we're in, growth stocks tend to outperform the whole market.

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Is Canada Goose (TSX:GOOS) Stock a Buy After Earnings?

After plunging by 27% year-to-date, Canada Goose Holdings (TSX:GOOS) (NYSE:GOOS) stock has soared by 27% over the past week. The luxury parka maker stock is coming back into favour with investors. Canada Goose posted sales above analysts' expectations for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2020, which helped to boost the share price.

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3 Stocks Profiting From the Work-From-Home Trend

While the TSX is down about 10% so far this year, some stocks have managed to beat the market by a wide margin. Lockdowns have forced businesses to shut down, prompting workers to work from home. That's why companies that help workers to work remotely have performed especially well during the pandemic.
Dollar General Is Giving Amazon a Run for Its Money During the Pandemic

Most retailers had their sales hit deeply by the pandemic. Dollar General saw its traffic and sales surged as Americans are more budget-conscious. The dollar-store chain should continue to do well in the coming months. U.S. retail sales plunged 16.4% in April. Big chains like JC Penney have filed for bankruptcy.
Low Mortgage Rates Can't Stop a U.S. Housing Market Crash

A housing market crash appears inevitable as people won't be able to buy a home at current price levels. As many Americans lose their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic, they might want to sell their house to free up money. It's becoming harder to get a mortgage as lending criteria are tightening.
Coronavirus Will Change Consumer Shopping Habits Permanently

Consumers don't shop the same way as they use to since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Online shopping has surged the past few weeks. Consumers will likely keep shopping online after the pandemic, so retailers must be ready. Consumers are changing their shopping habits as they grapple with uncertainty about the impact of COVID-19.
Dividend Stocks Are a Great Option During a Recession - Here's Why

Stock market volatility is high due to uncertainties regarding Covid-19 and how it will impact the economy. Dividend stocks usually withstand economic shocks better than growth stocks. High and sustainable dividends provide some buffer to your portfolio as you keep getting them during market downturns.

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Les huit meilleurs balados à écouter durant le confinement pour chasser l'ennui

Que vous vous intéressiez à la science, à l'histoire, à l'actualité, à la nutrition ou que vous désiriez simplement rire un bon coup, vous trouverez votre compte dans la sélection de balados que nous vous proposons. Plusieurs ont même été créés spécialement pour vous aider à mieux vivre la période de confinement.

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