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Swingers isn't an adventurous wife-swapping secret society, this Shoreditch pop-up is a hopping, raucous party where you can play ... you guessed it, golf. Drinks are just as serious as golf here (or just as fun, either way). With a whisky-heavy menu of cocktails, lots of boozy jugs, and even an elegant wine and bubbles bar if you're so...

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Bristol Cocktail Week 2014

Bristol Cocktail Week is celebrating all things booze with delectable and delicious treats for you to enjoy. From 20-26 October, jaunt around the city tasting all of the best bits the bars have to offer. From cocktail cup heats to sherry tastings to Bacardi's "A Night in 1930s Cuba" party, there's more than enough to whet your palate....

7 Best Halloween Parties in London: Pugs, Potions & Pumpkins

So it might be an American holiday, but admit it - Halloween is simply irresistible and London is definitely down with the dead. From bingo bashes to Discopaths, this city will boo-zing late into the night. Sunday 26th October: All Dogs Matter Halloween Dog Walk, The Spaniards Inn Because we love dogs.

Bompas & Parr: Turning whisky into a living, breathing world

Inhabitable whisky clouds, drinking water with 10,000-year-old glacial ice, an organ that travels the globe and doubles up as a whisky bar ... no, this isn't some crazy dream we had. This is the world of Bompas & Parr, the adventurous and innovative duo who have created some of today's most incredible installations and events.

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November BB Picks: Deadly Days & Tequila Nights

From celebrating the Day of the Dead - a time to honour the deceased with tasty feasts and great pals - to dedicating two whole days to all things agave (aka Tequila Fest), November is feeling very Viva Mexico! So skip the long haul flight, and get into the spirit right at home.

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Casa Negra

Casa Negra is the east London sister to Soho's foodiest sex shop, La Bodega Negra -- and she's just as naughty. With black walls, brightly coloured bulbs, and mismatched folding chairs -- this Mexican eatery is cheeky, casual, and most importantly, fun. Keep it classic or go off piste, either way ...

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5CC Electricity Showrooms

5CC under Electricity Showrooms is a happy addition to the Hoxton bar family. Similar in design to its 5CC brethren, this bar has moved away from the spirit focus and is concentrating more on the fun (note: the light-up disco dance floor). You can have any classic you want here, but we say try one...

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Are thoughts of beach holidays too far off in the distance? Well luckily for you there's a beacon of light that's cropped up in Shoreditch - and this casual and colourful eatery is the Peruvian charmer Andina. After killing it in Soho with Ceviche, Martin Morales is bringing that Andes charm to East London.

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Polo Bar at The Westbury Hotel

From lounging hotel guests to resting shoppers to executives taking meetings, the Polo Bar at The Westbury in Mayfair is a longstanding institution of this luxurious neighbourhood. With Swarovski-beaded curtains, expect a dazzling glimmer giving the art deco space that extra fancy touch.

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Fever-Tree Ultimate Gin & Tonic Bar

If World Gin Day only made you crave even more gin, well good, because the Fever-Tree Ultimate Gin & Tonic Bar is in full swing. Sitting on the sunny hip Hoxton Square, look out for the leafy alfresco terrace and head in to the double-decker space for some botanical loving.

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Loves Company presents #ToastTheToast

If you're looking for more than just a drink on a night out and want a fully-fledged experience ... then Loves Company is the one for you. For 10 weeks the bar is putting on a collaborative series called Toast The Toast with food, drink, music and street art.

Best Bars
Kettner's Champagne and Cocktail Bar

If you're a fan of the bubbly stuff and fancy yourself a bit fancy - then it's time to visit Kettner's. A Soho staple established in 1867, this bar (attached to a tasty and luxurious restaurant) has recently been revamped - making it a destination in its own right.

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The Glasshouse at Carom

Now we all know that UK summers can be unpredictable, so instead of feeling miserable on those less than desirable days - get yourself down to The Glasshouse at Carom in Soho for your sunshine quota ... indoors. With a few SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) lamps strewn about the glass-covered terrace, you can kick back in a...

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Portside Parlour

After a year-and-a-half pop-up under Hackney's Off Broadway, Portside Parlour has finally docked its ship on the all too convenient Rivington Street in Shoreditch. You won't have to go through the loo to get in this time, but the drinks and vibes stay true to the original locale.

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Duck & Waffle

Not historically known for its skyscrapers, London has seen a fair share of high flying ventures hitting the capital. And rather than leaving it just for the City set, drool-worthy views are on offer for any savvy drinker. Duck & Waffle is growing fast followers, and with its 24-hour license you can enjoy the skyline from...

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No 11 Pimlico Road

This bright and airy all-day, eat-and-drinkery ain't your traditional boozer: at No 11 Pimlico Road expect an upscale yet eclectic approach with refined food, twists on classic cocktails and interiors that you'll want in your own home. The horseshoe-shaped bar is where the boozy magic happens - and if you like your spirits big and...

Best Bars
Gordon's Wine Bar

A London institution, Gordon's Wine Bar started satisfying punters over a century ago - yep, this place has been going since 1890. And this long-standing vino paradise shows no signs of waning: any given night (or afternoon for that matter), you're likely to see a packed house and patio - rooms full of people sipping...

Best Bars
Long Bar at Sanderson

If it's hotel bars with an edge that you want, then Berners Street is what you get. Taking up a wide swathe of the block is the Philippe Starck-designed Sanderson. And while it may look a bit grey on the outside, inside you'll find a slick space with features like hanging egg chairs, glowing bars...

Best Bars
The Imaginarium at Callooh Callay

Step through the wardrobe and head upstairs to the wonderful world that is the Imaginarium. This pop-up event at Callooh Callay is hosted by Duck & Waffle's Rich Woods, the UK winner of Bombay Sapphire's 2014 World's Most Imaginative Bartender Competition, as well as Bombay Sapphire's UK brand ambassador Sean Ware.

Best Bars
Peg + Patriot

Nestled in Bethnal Green's classically beautiful Town Hall Hotel, there's a new hot spot that will tempt you further eastward -- just beyond the boundaries of Shoreditch. Peg + Patriot is the latest haunt from talented drinksman Matt Whiley (of Talented Mr Fox), and he's bringing his unique style of cocktail-making to the east end.

Best Bars
Lucky Liquor Co

From the team behind Bramble and The Last Word Saloon, comes a new approach to drinking in Edinburgh: 13 bottles, 13 drinks, time to get lucky ... Lucky Liquor Co that is. While you might not be getting a JD and coke, we're sure you'll find something to suit your palate.

Best Bars
Lucha Libre - Manchester

The Manchester outpost of Lucha Libre is big, bright and just as tasty as it's Liverpool brethren. A dual-level space with terraced seating inside, strung up fairy lights and a glowing backbar. If you're feeling holy, grab a booth upstairs and say your prayers to the fluorescent cross hanging above you.

Best Bars
The Ginstitute at the Portobello Star

Take a saunter down the pastel-tinged Portobello Road and nip in to its Star for some big gin lovin'. The Ginstitute is a passion project from bar owner Jake Burger, and if you book yourself in for a session then you may be lucky enough to get schooled by the industry legend himself.

Best Bars

A tucked away establishment on Queen Street, Bramble has firmly planted its place as one of Edinburgh's best cocktail bars. With rough white walls, low ceilings and dim lights -- the setting is cosy, intimate and casual with just a hint of dive. Buzzy hip-hop tunes keep the vibe that extra bit cool, and the sheer amount...

Best Bars
El Nivel

Tucked just upstairs from the long-loved La Perla is brand new agaveria El Nivel -- courtesy of industry legend Tomas Estes and his son Jesse. A departure from the 17 other Estes venues, this is a slightly more upscale venture with draped curtains, colourful Mexican artwork and Latin retro vibes.

Best Bars

This cheeky spot is where Edinburgh comes to play. Garibaldi's is a colourful Mexican-themed institution, beloved by all, boozed in by all, pole danced in by all. It's late-night partying seven days a week, and it's impossible not to shed your inhibitions here ... the tequila shooters will make sure of that.

Best Bars
Megaro Bar

Lights, camera, action! Open scene: welcome to Megaro Bar -- the sexy and beautiful film noir-styled cocktail den below the colourfully funky Hotel Megaro upstairs. An ode to all things cinema, this artsy spot is solidifying King's Cross as a hot boozing destination ... and we're glad for it.

Best Bars
El Nivel

Tucked just upstairs from the long-loved La Perla is brand new agaveria El Nivel -- courtesy of industry legend Tomas Estes and his son Jesse. A departure from the 17 other Estes venues, this is a slightly more upscale venture with draped curtains, colourful Mexican artwork and Latin retro vibes.

Best Bars
The Albion

Parked on the quiet backstreets of Islington, The Albion is a bright and beautiful gastropub set within a graceful Georgian gem. The food is traditional British fare with a twist, and the kitchen boasts a rather sensational Sunday roast -- all restaurant quality, all restaurant prices.

Best Bars
Under New Management

A gem on the Manchester scene, Under New Management (previously Corridor Bar) is a firm favourite of the drinks industry ... so you're in for a boozy treat. This dark party spot is tucked down an alley oh so slightly off the beaten track, but it's more than worth the extra footsteps.

Best Bars
Cocktails in the City -- Manchester

Cocktails in the City is preparing to hit Manchester -- and it's going to be big, boozy and beautiful. On 8 May, some of the city's favourite bars will be descending upon Manchester Town Hall to bring you showstopping cocktail concoctions. Start with Tanqueray No.10 tipples from Manchester House then move on to El Dorado rummy numbers...

Best Bars
The Hemingway

The Hemingway is a smart pub sitting pretty on a quiet and residential part of Victoria Park Road. This place has taken the idea of the neighbourhood pub to whole new levels. With standout décor (think tufted armchairs and taxidermy), a sunny garden and hunger-quenching gastro fare -- this place might just make you want to move...

Best Bars
The Devil's Advocate

Nestled down a narrow alley in Edinburgh's Old Town, you'll find The Devil's Advocate. Nothing sinister here, but rather the latest incarnation from the team behind The Bon Vivant. And it seems Stuart McCluskey has done it again, creating an inviting character-filled space with thoughtful cocktails and tasty affordable grub.

Best Bars
Punch Room at the London Edition Hotel

Situated in one of the city's most grandiose hotels (just one look at the lobby ceiling and you'll know why), the Punch Room at the London Edition Hotel offers an intimate and relaxed setting for imbibers - with lots of punchy punch, a flickering fireplace and regular live music events.Make sure to reserve if you're swinging by later...

Best Bars
The Lounge Bar at London House

The latest Ramsay outpost is bringing a good whack of life to Battersea Square, and London House is everything you would expect from a Gordon operation (minus the yelling). So grab a chair by the fireplace and make yourself comfortable, this is one where you could easily lose a few hours.

Best Bars
Hawksmoor Spitalfields Bar

This Spitalfields drinking den feels of a different class than some of its flannel-donning brethren in neighbouring Shoreditch, and it's got your whole night wrapped up in one burnished brass-covered package. The cocktails are the stars of this underground Hawksmoor show, so don't expect the famous steaks down here - that's strictly upstairs business.

Best Bars
Yum Yum Ninja (Ninja Bar)

So this ninja walks into a bar ... or did he? Sorry, we couldn't resist. Yum Yum Ninja is only so slightly off the beaten track, and when you find it you'll be treated to a massive alfresco courtyard lit up with colourful lanterns.

Best Bars
Sipsmith 100 Martini Bar

Can you name 100 Martinis in 90 minutes? Well apparently the team at Sipsmith can ... and did. Which is how this glorious pop-up bar came to life. The Sipsmith 100 Martini Bar is only around for three weeks, so buy yourself a ticket to enjoy all of the ginny goodness.Expect a classically styled, oak-panelled room set...

Best Bars
The Bon Vivant

Bon Vivant: n. pl. bons vi·vants (bô v-vä) A person with refined taste, especially one who enjoys superb food and drink. Well this Edinburgh staple on Thistle Street hits all those marks - channelling a French bistro-feel as it recreates an "on the continent" attitude towards dining and drink.

Best Bars

London isn't short on secret bars these days, but Barts is the self-professed city's "worst kept secret". Yet despite people knowing of this tiny quirky charmer on Sloane Avenue, we believe you'll still struggle immensely to find the front door. So here's some help: it's inside the Chelsea Cloisters building and you'll have to walk...

Best Bars
Red's True Barbecue

Tiki, Mexican and Americana are big on the Manchester scene, yet the arrival of Red's True Barbecue has been more than warmly welcomed - think up to four-hour waits on weekends and no bookings. But don't let that put you off, it's worth it - just pop into town, get your name on the list...

Best Bars
Galvin at Windows

Ever had a panoramic experience of London? Perched up on the 28th floor of the Park Lane Hilton, Galvin at Windows is the ultimate spot to slink into a soft sofa and overlook the city's glittering skyline. The bar is a slick art deco space with gold, green and grey touches.

Best Bars
Big Easy Covent Garden

Honky tonk Americana lands with a bang in Covent Garden with the second outpost of the Big Easy. A hipper bigger brother to the original, it has laid its stake on destination alley Maiden Lane - where you'll quickly spot it's glowing fluoro signage. On the ground floor you'll find the restaurant in all it's industrial...

Best Bars
The Coburg Bar at The Connaught

The Coburg Bar, perched at the front of The Connaught Hotel, is classic London at its finest. Swathed in deep rich colours and soft fabrics, this is one seriously plush and luxurious experience. While it isn't as shiny as the Connaught Bar, the old world charm makes it a destination in its own right.

Best Bars

It might be one of London's teeniest charms, but what Casita lacks in square footage it makes up for in personality. This is the kind of bar you pop into for a quick one and then end up cancelling all of your plans (happily so).

Best Bars
Panda and Sons

If you're looking for a haircut, then this barbershop ain't for you. So pass on through the false façade and head down to one of Edinburgh's latest gems, Panda and Sons, a spacious speakeasy-styled cocktail den. You might be met with a cloud of smoke when you walk in, but don't worry - there's no fire, it's just...

Best Bars

Tucked under the delightfully aromatic Bincho Yakitori in Soho, you'll find the mecca for Japan's national drink. No, not that one ... it's whisky, and it's beautiful. Mizuwari is a dark and atmospheric den with soft lighting and international loungey tunes lightly playing over the speakers.

Best Bars
Oskar's Bar in Dabbous

Tucked underneath one of London's best restaurants, Oskar's Bar in Dabbous is a true beauty of a cocktail den. This amber-lit basement puts you at ease even with its industrial minimalist design and exposed brickwork ... plus the leather-and-metal armchairs are dead cosy. The dim lighting and flickering candles set the mood well, but you...

Best Bars
Coal Vaults

Closed for the summer with plans to re-open in a new Soho location in late September* Soho is lousy with hip watering holes, but this dimly-lit basement bar is one of the neighbourhood's coolest spaces. Coal Vaults keeps it casual and intimate with exposed brick walls and beautiful semi-private caves.

East LDN
A Night Out at the Hot Tub Cinema

Under the domed ceiling of a Victorian warehoused nestled in a Shoreditch alleyway, steam fills the space as bikini-clad Londoners splash about singing “Twist and Shout” as prompted by the beloved 80′s teen icon, Ferris Bueller.

Best Bars
5CC (under Harrild and Sons)

The third venue from 5CC is its biggest (and whiskiest) yet. Tucked below shiny City pub Harrild and Sons you'll find a much more dark and intimate space, with plenty of nooks and crannies to get to know your date -- just keep it PG pals.

Best Bars

Situated under the atmospheric Hoxton railway arches, Beagle is a cafe-restaurant-bar that will tick all your boxes. You can while away the hours on the alfresco terrace, and once the sun sets head in for hearty seasonal fare in a casual yet soaring industrial space.

East LDN
An Evening of Debauchery at the House of Wolf

I alight from a bus on a brisk winter’s eve when a cold whipping wind cuts into me. Walking towards a somewhat inconspicuous building in Islington, I ponder the quietness of the street and consider what is promised behind the doors ahead.

Best Bars
Experimental Cocktail Club

If you're lucky enough to find the unmarked door to the multi-storey Experimental Cocktail Club, you're off to a good start. The doorman might tip you off to its location, but don't feel intimidated - the key here is to play by the rules.

Best Bars

Bounce is London's mecca for all things ping pong, perfect for freeing your inner-Olympian. And while unsportsmanlike conduct is fast and furious here, it remains mostly in jest. This basement art deco-inspired megabar houses 17 ping pong tables, as well as a raised dining area from where you can watch the lacklustre skills of after-work...

Best Bars
Caravan King's Cross

Perched on the surprisingly pretty Granary Square, Caravan's warehouse space manages to strike that right balance between intimate and industrial. With cushioned booths, bar stools and an alfresco patio looking out onto the square's dancing fountains - there are plenty of places to perch for any kind of company: from after-work drinks with colleagues to boozy...

Best Bars
Trailer Happiness

Nestled on the ever-charming Portobello Road, Trailer Happiness is a subterranean Tiki party spot that is always up for a wild night fuelled by rummy cocktails. The 70s basement décor is cheeky and cheerful, much like their staff and drinks. So when you're looking to cut loose, there's little better than this ode to Polynesia/Tiki-Americana, kitted...

Best Bars
Dirty Bones

Dirty Bones is the latest gem to pop up in west London, an area that has been left somewhat wanting for hip late-night hangouts in the past. But that is no longer the case: this hot dog-centric spot will be serving up cocktails and dinner from 6pm.

Best Bars
The Grill Room at Café Royal Hotel

It took only 60,000 gold sheets to bring The Grill Room back to its 19th century roots, along with some lavishly ornate frescoes, wall-to-wall mirrors and rococo design. Fitting, as this establishment has got some heavy history: it was here that Oscar Wilde's scandalous affair with Lord Alfred "Bosie" Douglas was discovered, and it was...

Best Bars
Dean Street Townhouse

If you've always wanted to join a members club, but haven't been able to snag a membership - then we have your answer: Dean Street Townhouse. Soho House Group gives us a glimpse into their way of life - no annual fees required - and we have to say, it's pretty damn good.

Best Bars
Slim Jim's Liquor Store

You know you're in for some good ol' fashioned trouble when you step into a bar and immediately need to peel your shoes off the floor. Slim Jim's Liquor Store takes you straight into downtown LA, and feels like a 100% authentic brick-walled dive. Don't worry too much about the leather jacket-clad gentleman at the...

Best Bars
London Cocktail Club (Oxford Circus)

Grab your gats, cause we be ridin' dirty over to the LA gangster-den that is the London Cocktail Club. It's dark, a little bit sticky and a hell of a lot of fun. The walls are covered in creepy clown graffiti and there are chalk outlines of bodies on the ground.

Best Bars
Callooh Callay

Callooh Callay is a Shoreditch institution and was one of the first bars to herald in the era of east London cool ... and a slew of speakeasies would follow. And while you're likely to see the place heaving any night of the week, there is more here than meets the eye.As is the feature...

Best Bars
Made in the Shade

Made in the Shade is no longer open in Hoxton, however you can visit the Shady crew at their current haunt in Bermondsey, the Globe House.* Housed in an old Hoxton boozer, Made in the Shade manages to make a new bar feel like it's been around forever.

Best Bars
Elixir Tonics and Treats

An airy pretty spot in the city, Elixir Tonics and Treats is all about the details. From the twinkling branches to the oil candles on the tables, this place can make you feel special even on a heaving Friday night.The cocktail menu is divided into Tonics (dry), Treats (sweet), Purgatory to Paradise (balanced), and Specialities....

Best Bars
Steam & Rye

Steam & Rye is big brash Americana in all of its red, white and blue glory. A collaboration between bar impresario Nick House and model Kelly Brook, this giant funhouse is built within the same walls as the old Bank of New York. It's an expansive space with nooks and crannies galore: from the main bar...

Best Bars
Talented Mr Fox

Currently closed, however you can visit their beautiful sister bar Peg + Patriot in Bethnal Green. Expected to re-open in a new location soon.*Have you met the Talented Mr Fox? Well he's a cheeky chappy, tucked away above One Leicester Street ... and he's got quite the little laboratory.

Best Bars
Crazy Bear Fitzrovia

The Fitzrovia outpost of Crazy Bear is a subterranean treat, so saunter past the stunning hostess and make your way into the underground dungeon-cum-Liberace palace.On Wednesdays you have the chance to really impress a date here - when you're slightly short on cash - as the bar knocks 50% off their bubbly.

Best Bars
WigWamBam at the Queen of Hoxton

This toasty little pop-up bar is an east London treasure in the colder months, situated atop the Queen of Hoxton - you can spot this rooftop teepee from around the block. WigWamBam is both wonderful and unusual, but more importantly, it is a warm welcome respite from the winter chill.Open every day except Sunday between 5-10pm,...

Best Bars

TIMBERRR ... yard. A warm and inviting warehouse space in Edinburgh's Old Town, Timberyard is all about attention to detail and cabin vibes. From the perfectly presented small plates to the blanket-draped chairs, this is one happy and unforgettable experience. The daily changing menu features items like butter langoustine, a plump and juicy bite with fennel,...

Best Bars

It ranked second in the World's 50 Best Bars list, but Nightjar might just be the most singularly unique drinking experience in London. The discreet entrance near the Old Street roundabout is easy to miss, but once you find it you're in for a dark and sumptuous speakeasy treat.

Best Bars

It seems Mexico's Day of the Dead is alive and kicking in Liverpool. Maya is making the spirits rise and you'll just have to find it for yourselves to see what we mean. It's near impossible to spot from the street (do look out for the red crucifix), but if you're munching away on tasty tacos at...

Best Bars

Balthazar is the UK outpost of one of New York's most legendary venues ... a glitzy Parisian brasserie born in the heart of the Big Apple courtesy of Keith McNally. The cocktail list is heavy on the classics (some lesser-known) and one quick glance at the sky-high backbar will let you know these guys can...

Best Bars
Happiness Forgets

This narrow basement bar situated in the always buzzy Hoxton Square brings back memories of New York City (if you've ever been). Yet despite its prime location, Happiness Forgets employs a seated-only policy ... meaning no shoving of elbows at the bar.The service is unfailingly friendly and the cocktail menu is constantly changing, but they never...

Best Bars
Drink, Shop & Do

This quirky little charmer in King's Cross is a true all-rounder: start with breakfast, pop in for afternoon tea, meet the gals for after-work cocktails, get involved with oddball activities like Lego Robots, or get down and dirty on the weekend in the basement's Drink Shop & Dance (you can't miss the fluorescent erotica sign)....

Best Bars

Blues, jazz, cigars and hurricanes: just a little taste of life in the Big Easy, and NOLA bar has it all. The bar is bringing the flavour of New Orleans to the streets of Shoreditch (or more specifically, a mahogany and tufted leather filled space above the Bedroom Bar on Rivington Street).

Best Bars
Mr Cooper's House and Garden

One of the most elegant drinking spots in town, Mr Cooper's House and Garden takes you on a luxury experience (without the stuffiness). The bar -- set in Simon Rogan's slightly more casual eatery in The Midland Hotel -- is light and airy, with leafy touches to keep the garden theme going.Drinks take inspiration from...

Best Bars
City of London Distillery Bar (C.O.L.D. Bar)

Situated down a narrow alley off of Fleet Street, the City of London Distillery Bar (COLD Bar for short) is a true gem for any gin lover - or for anyone looking to learn more about this history-rich spirit. This is the first working distillery to open in the City for over 200 years, and with more...

Best Bars
Santa Chupitos

This is Liverpool debauchery at its finest. Santa Chupitos' seasonal menu of fun, festive cocktails never takes itself too seriously and the clientele is much the same. So when you find their nondescript black entrance on the corner of Slater Street, check your inhibitions at the door and hop straight into the fun.

Best Bars
Sager + Wilde

The narrow New York-style bar Sager + Wilde is wiping the dust off those vintages and giving wine a hip new edge. Owned by husband and wife duo, Michael and Charlotte Sager-Wilde, this relaxed grape oasis on Hackney Road comes after their successful wine pop-up in Shoreditch.

Imbibe Magazine
The Sweetest Win

The UK triumphed in the European final for the Wines of Roussillon Dessert Trophy on Monday.

Imbibe Magazine
Get your tabs out

It’s a Friday night, the bar’s three-deep, and for every pint poured customers expectantly wave their well-worn plastics as bartenders take turns with the sole card reader. Turnover slows and patience wears thin.

Imbibe Magazine
Cuppa with a twist

Tea – our beloved national treasure. The integral part of everyone’s morning ritual – not to mention their evening and afternoon. However, there is one gap when lusty thoughts of warming tea fall to the wayside: a night out.

Imbibe Magazine
Wine-genuity hits the UK

South Africa’s grape ingénues are coming to the UK, as Distell has announced its new limited-edition listing with wholesaler Matthew Clark.

Imbibe Magazine
Brangelina bottled

The Jolie-Pitts have officially released their first wine – a 2012 rosé from their Provence estate. And clearly their star power did the trick, as the first 6,000 bottles sold out within five hours of being offered online this March.

Imbibe Magazine
Champagne Reign

A call to arms for fizz aficionados: nominations for UK sommeliers are being accepted for the first time in the search for Great Britain’s best champagne educator of 2013.

Imbibe Magazine
Day of Lillet

Tequila Day, World Whisky Day, and now – National Apéritif Day. Come 16 May, Lillet’s providing yet another opportunity to dedicate 24 hours to libation.


Playmakers Magazine
Playmakers Magazine

Pilot edition of magazine for the on-trade

BOND Magazine
GEM Section

This section is a platform for capable young BOND achievers to amplify their voices in a manner that is both authoritative and inspiring.

East LDN
Fonduta: Forza Win(ter) Rooftop Supper Club

Rapidly ascending a rattling metal staircase as howling winds rush past, you turn a corner and come upon an oasis – a tented rooftop dining room equipped with fairy lights, jet-engine heaters, and a kind-faced woman who is extending a tray of steaming beverages.

W Magazine
The Donald Does Dubai

Donald Trump's International Hotel & Tower Dubai launch party in New York City

W Magazine
I Was A Gossip Girl Extra

Our former intern, Sasha Filimonov, was recently cast as an extra on, yes, Gossip Girl.

Arts & Culture

East London Lines
ELL exclusive: in conversation with street artist Pure Evil

Warhol-esque prints of Jackie, Marilyn and Audrey adorn the walls. Their blackened tears flood out of the frames and onto the floor. Lilliputian prostitutes hide in corners as their overlord steps down to survey the room.

East London Lines
Gallery to showcase Banksy and other street artists

Celebrated street artists from around the world, including Banksy, Blek Le Rat and Shepard Fairey will be displaying their works at an exhibition in Shoreditch this Friday.

East London Lines
Pop-up chapel celebrates impulsive London

Vegas-style weddings came to Shoreditch last weekend, fully equipped with an Elvis impersonator serenading newlyweds in the Little White Chapel.

East LDN
Swiss Lips performing in Shoreditch

Swiss Lips, the Mancunian five-piece band, who declare themselves the “pop sorcerers from Hell” will be performing at the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen on December 5, supporting The Other Tribe.

East London Lines
The rise and rise of alternative cinema in 2013

Dipping into a hot tub, snuggling under a blanket on a rooftop, shuffling through a prison whilst being berated by a guard – is this how you would describe a typical night at the cinema? Well perhaps it is now.


The Yes Girl
Cape Reinga & Sandboarding (Part Two)

The dramatic shift in landscape is impossible to comprehend without seeing it firsthand. After driving around the mountains looking out onto sweeping shorelines, we arrived at the immense sand dunes. They were mountains unto themselves.

The Yes Girl
Sunny Day on Waiheke Island

In true Sasha form, I missed my flight from Auckland to Sydney…but seeing as there was quite a bit left for me to explore, I wasn’t too disappointed. Instead of hurriedly booking a flight the following day, I decided to leave myself an indeterminate amount of time for discovering New Zealand’s North Island.

TNT Magazine
Take Me To The Clouds

Sasha Filimonov learns to meditate while skydiving 16,000 feet above New Zealand

The Yes Girl
Road Trip from Auckland to Cape Reinga

My grip on the steering wheel slacked as the narrow winding road ascended towards the top of the hill and the fluorescent pink sky edged its way further into view.

The Yes Girl
Magnetic Island Keeps Pulling You Back

Magnetic Island (Round 1) involved no less than scaling a waterfall (albeit was rather diminutive), fighting off an army of green ants from my nether regions, and getting hopelessly lost in the bush.

The Yes Girl
Welcome to Tokyo

At this moment I am in Tokyo, Japan…my first visit to this city and country. Though I have come to believe that in many ways a city is a city is a city, Tokyo successfully manages to ingratiate its culture and personality into the sidewalks, buildings, and populace.

The Yes Girl
Tokyo Highlights

My week in Tokyo has come to an end and I can proudly declare that I gave the city a proper go-around.

The Yes Girl
Cape Reinga & Sandboarding (Part One)

Sand boarding. A seemingly innocuous activity, is it not? Not dissimilar from sledding, one can make such a venture on sand dunes rather than snowy hills.

TNT Magazine
Gender Bending

After spending the afternoon on Magnetic Island getting fleeced of $300 and dealing with the police, I was feeling rather dejected; but my hopes were somewhat lifted at the realisation that the cross-dressing contest was taking place at my hostel that evening.

The Yes Girl
Bali: A Night With The Hippies

Once disembarking from the plane in Bali and yet again encountering a wall of dead, humid air, I set about on the task of finding a taxi and accommodation. Likely noticing my furrowed brow, a dreadlocked stranger approached me with the offer of sharing a ride into the city and perhaps even a hotel room.

The Yes Girl
Canyoning in the Waitekere Ranges

Waking up at 7:30 this morning after a mere two hours of sleep, I was far from prepared for the day ahead. A full day of canyoning in the rainforest: trekking through the river, abseiling, going down natural rock slides, and jumping from waterfalls…sounds like a fun adrenalin-filled day, does it not?


Atlantic Records
Atlantic acts taking the stage at Glastonbury

Festival fever is in full swing here at Atlantic and a slew of our acts will be hitting the stages of Glastonbury this summer. The massive festival, from 26th to 30th June on the Worthy Farm site, will see the likes of Rudimental, Phoenix, The Staves, Clean Bandit, Matt Corby and more.

East London Lines
Guild launched to champion local businesses

More than 200 independent businesses from the East End launched a co-operative to combat rent inflations, corporate landlords, and local authorities on Monday.

East London Lines
Mixed emotions for Goldsmiths group at Leveson

Applause rang off the walls of committee room 10 at the Houses of Parliament yesterday as Goldsmiths lecturers and students joined a packed committee room, for the reading of Lord Justice Leveson’s report into press standards.

East London Lines
Rent increase in Tower Hamlets limits home buyers

Tower Hamlets saw a dramatic increase in private property rents in the past year. According to the latest data from housing charity Shelter, rental costs increased by approximately £1000 per year- more than the three times the average rise across London.


Hoxton Radio
Looking Glass Cocktail Club

Slip through the black-lacquer frame and into the Looking Glass Cocktail Club – a wondrous new water hole on Hackney Road.

Hoxton Radio
Brew For Two

Brew For Two Cafe are looking for Mussel Men and Women of a different sort this weekend as they prepare to serve up several more bowls of moules-frites.

Hoxton Radio
It's Ghana Be Mezze

The Carlton Cafe in Bow are preparing to step you onto the streets of Africa with an exotic meal experience at Zoe’s Ghana Pop-Up Kitchen this weekend.

Hoxton Radio
Dancing on my own #1

Dirty dancers, foot lose fancy free feelers and foxy felines should head up to Stoke Newington this weekend for good time grooving down on Church Street.

Hoxton Radio
Howling at the Moon

Cinema scenesters should head across to Balls Pond Road and the Duke of Wellington this Monday for a snack filled fun flash time.

East London Lines
Pick of the Line: Snow, sculptures and sound effects

Feeling the winter blues? No need – check out carvings at the Ice Sculpture Festival, learn a craft at the Flourish Fest, or get political at the ever-popular BBC Question Time.

East LDN
Giant Rubber Duck Takes Dip in the Thames

A 50ft high rubber duck floated down the river Thames Tuesday morning forcing Tower Bridge to open. The gargantuan bath toy, which weighs half a ton, took an eight-person team 800 hours to make.

East London Lines
Countdown to Christmas: Festive fairs and markets

With only ten shopping days left before Christmas it’s nice to know that the best is yet to come – there are markets and fairs aplenty across Eastlondonlines boroughs.

East London Lines
Pick of the Line: Dance, design and disco

Festive food and arty bus tours are high on our to-do list this week. Photography and poetry nights provide plenty to keep you snug indoors, while art tours of Tower Hamlets are available for those willing to brave the icy weather.

East London Lines
Pick of the Line: Christmas starts here

Wine, beer and hot tubs herald the arrival of the festive season in east London, with Hackney residents in particular being well served for boozy warmth.

East London Lines
Pick of the Line: November 16-22

Console geeks, vintage fashion fiends and those with a taste for fiery food are all well served, but people of a more reflective nature will also find something for them at the Broadway Bookshop.

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