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My talent is story telling through creative communication. My passion is driving conversation through provocative, polished content.

Theresa Lopetrone, on Living Life Beyond the Gym - PUBLIC MYTH

I put my story out here because I know that there's somebody out there speaking negatively to themselves. I want to let people know that it's possible. It took me ten years to get my body into the best shape that it could be in partnership with my mind.

Actively Rees: Fighting for The Fairy Tale - PUBLIC MYTH

"I am so nervous!" Nikki gushed over the phone as I spoke with her for the first time about her story. In opposite time zones, her in the UK and I in Vancouver, Nikki had just put her daughter Maddie to bed as I was sipping my morning tea.

The Phoenix News
The sext-ual revolution: The era of dirty picture sharing-and its dangers

From the bedroom to campus: How one girl's nude photo went from private to public and why you should care Some histories can never be cleared: understanding the effects of those nude selfies on your future, and why there's nothing that you can do about it anymore "Send me a pic" he texts.
Hook-up app Tinder catches fire on campus -

"Hey babe, let's meet up," messages Brad after I swipe his hunk of a bod left across my iPhone screen. A few other hidden gems of Kelowna also received leftward swipes today on my new-found app. (Note: It's absurd how many hicks and hockey players make up the local population.)

Class Magazine | Campus and Culture in Kelowna
A Letter to the Paradox of Youth - Class Magazine | Campus and Culture in Kelowna

When you are ten years old, your father tells you that as long as you work hard and surround yourself with the right people, you will be happy. Your grade three teacher tells you that books bring happiness, but your mother has always shown you that vodka and cigarettes bring hers.

The Phoenix News
Sun buried by snow: International students suffering from S.A.D.

Are you SAD? How UBCO's international students cope with Kelowna's dreary winter month UBCO hosts an international student community comprised of those who consider home to be Bali, Hawaii, India, Mexico, the Cayman Islands, California and many other beautiful vacation hot spots around the globe. These students, now shoveling snow out of their driveways...

Inbound Marketing

Ezy Rider: The NEW Textured Legging - PUBLIC MYTH

Ezy Rider: The New Textured Legging This legging is so ezy on our eyes that Jimi would definitely approve. Featuring cross stitched detailing across the thigh and lower leg panels, The Ezy Rider Legging flaunts a rough exterior but stays soft against your skin.

7 Ways Pinterest is Wearing Their Leggings

Below are 7 ways that Pinterest is wearing their leggings, outside of the gym: On-the-go: For heading to and from the gym (or the grocery store), throw on a casual hoodie or sweater, a pair of sleek sneakers and let your printed leggings make the statement. Now you're ready for all of the errands.

The Rebel Legging: Daring to Defy - PUBLIC MYTH

We don't believe in staying inside the lines, so we broke up the vertical lines of every other legging out there with the Rebel Legging. This new shade of a popular piece shows off contrasting stitches for a provocative statement, accenting your rebellious side, as well as those legs.

Pick of the Week: Unzip, for the thrill of it - PUBLIC MYTH

We believe in having the option to unzip at any moment through the hardware on our Zip Booty Shorts and Zip Leggings. So popular that they both escaped us for a little while, the Live with Passion tank and Zip Leggings have been brought back by popular demand.

Mesh Leggings Then & Now: The Leap Year Legging - PUBLIC MYTH

Mesh leggings have proven to be a timeless trend-from one leap year to the next. Today marks 2016's leap year, as well as the year of our mesh leggings. Leap year, to clarify, refers to the addition of an extra day every four years as February 29th in order to keep the calendar cycle synchronized with the seasons.

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First-Day Kit: Your career ready checklist

Sasha Curry | October 15th, 2015 There are a few essentials to keep in mind for that big interview or the first day on the job. Pin this reminder to the back of your door, or keep it in tucked inside your resume file.

Campus Community Bridge
7 Habits of Highly Effective Grads

Sasha Curry | October 20th, 2015 You've graduated at last. You're now back to sitting on your butt on your parents couch, detached from academia and surely feeling bewildered. How do you even begin to lead a life outside of your old university bubble? What values do you follow in this new life?

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The Importance of a 21st Century Mentor

September 30th, 2015 | Sasha Curry A mentor is a living, breathing career role model - someone who sits in a place that you envy. You can discuss education background and job experiences with this person, snatch some ideas from them and fuel inspiration.

The Key to Generating Reliable Leads

The key to a thriving business is attracting and engaging as many potential clients as possible, these clients otherwise known as leads. A lead can be a single person or a business that has expressed interest in your product.

UX Design VS. UI Design

Most of us accept digital products as they are on our screens. Rarely do we reflect objectively on our experiences with them. Why do we use Twitter to Tweet instead of to message? We trace our fingers through familiar bouncing icons and colourful graphics, generally unaware how they shape our experiences with the digital products that they illustrate.

Where Do Billion-Dollar Companies Even Begin?

Many of today's billion-dollar companies began as humble startups, sans support from venture capitalists or crowd funders. Their founders were ordinary people like you with practical venture ideas. For example, the founders of Starbucks were three freshly graduated students from the University of San Francisco who began their coffee business by simply selling coffee beans themselves.

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How to efficiently "Link In"

Tuesday, September 22nd | Sasha Curry According to, just as a resume is required for a job interview today, so is a professional online presence. Additionally, 98% of recruiters and 85% of hiring managers use LinkedIn to find candidates. Knowing how to properly "Link In" could very well make your future career.

Hiring your dream startup team

Connect with possible candidates: Reach out to those in (and outside of) your industry who inspire you and you can relate to. Grab coffee and chat and attend networking events with the sole intent of enriching your personal and professional networks with likeminded individuals.

Tech Bubble

where did the bubble come from ? A startup industry whose assets are so inflated that they seem to be formed literally out of thin air, tech investment seems if anything - wobbly and uncertain. Investors are pouring money into a promisingly successful industry, what is the ROI? Most tech startups fail.

The Perfect Password

Why you need to stop using your ex's last name as your go-to password.Passwords are funny little things: Fragments of meaningful memories of the places and people that we hold closest to our hearts; we use the name of the goldfish from our tenth birthday as our banking password and our high school sweetheart's birthdate as the password for our eBay account.

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How to efficiently "Link In"

Tuesday, September 22nd | Sasha Curry According to, just as a resume is required for a job interview today, so is a professional online presence. Additionally, 98% of recruiters and 85% of hiring managers use LinkedIn to find candidates. Knowing how to properly "Link In" could very well make your future career.

Why You Want to Work for Google

A friend of mine, we'll call him Joe, recently called with exciting news about a job interview that he had been invited to at Google's headquarters in Silicone Valley. The dream job of many in the tech industry, it's no surprise that Google receives millions of job applicants each year.

How to Successfully Launch a Twitter Campaigns

Twitter campaigns are tricky to engineer due to their ability to run wild in any direction. A brilliant example of a Twitter campaign driven into the ditch is E.L. James' Q&A on her recent #FiftyShades fame, which she launched on Twitter almost a month ago.


21st Century Fundraising Crowdfunding is a relatively new funding model that utilizes social networks and micro payment systems to finance a project, or new idea. These projects can range from comics to tech products, appealing to either small or large markets.

Who Wins the Advertising Battle?

Facebook vs. LinkedIn Facebook Go Big: Facebook is the most widely used, and developed social media platform out there. Simplicity: Facebook's self-serve platform facilitates a "Create an ad" option and is available for smaller budgets - so it's small business friendly. Yoga Moms vs. Middle Aged Golfers:

Social Media Management

The Soular Backpack (@SoularBackpack) | Twitter

The latest Tweets from The Soular Backpack (@SoularBackpack). A backpack that channels the sun's energy into creating a brighter future for every child. Montreal, Quebec/Mombasa,Kenya

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