Sasanka J. Lahon

Freelance Writer

Location icon India

I've been in love with words for as long as I can remember. Unlike the majority, who seem to treat words as nothing more than mere squiggles that help them take notes, I feel words are much more.

To me, writing is emotional alchemy. I love how by putting the right words in just the right order, the mundane can be turned into something sublime. I firmly believe that words are meant to excite, encourage and empower, not bore people.

My job description says things like writer, copywriter, ghostwriter, etc. But what I actually do is help people to express themselves. Despite their vast knowledge and experience, some people struggle to express their thoughts. That's where I come in. I wave my magic wand, roll my fingers on my keyboard, and voila! All they've been seeking to get across, is turned into delectable, chutneyfied words.

I turn the seemingly complex stuff that leaves the average Joe scratching his head into clear and jargon-free prose. I zealously crusade against the boring by performing verbal stunt-pilotry.

Everyone has a superpower. Mine is writing. Do you need me to wield my superpower?

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