Sarah Staniforth

Freelance journalist

Location icon United Kingdom

I'm a graduate from the University of Warwick, where I obtained First Class Honours in my Bachelor's in Sociology.

I was a regular contributor to the university's top student paper, The Boar, and was nominated for two awards for my contributions to the newspaper: Writer of the Year and Music Article of the Year.

I have written on a wide variety of topics, including current affairs, culture, and finance, but my main focus is music.

I've been published in The Guardian (where I interned at the Culture desk) and Counteract (where I write live music and film reviews).

Counteract - News | Music | Events | Food
Festival review: SHOUT Festival 2019 celebrates LGBTQ+ arts talent

Last updated on In its tenth year SHOUT Festival was a sparkling showcase of LGBTQ+ film and performance over the course of 12 wonderful days. SHOUT Festival 2019 took place across a variety of well-loved Birmingham arts venues, as well as the legendary Nightingale gay nightclub (Birmingham's first legal queer space).

Music and arts

the Guardian
'It's upsetting': the autistic music fans being shut out of gigs

Loud sounds, bright lights, sweaty crowds - a gig can be an overwhelming experience for someone with autism, who may be oversensitive to sensory stimuli. As a result, many autistic music fans stay away, and another corner of society becomes closed off to them - the National Autistic Society (NAS) has found that 79% of people with autism are socially isolated.

Counteract - News | Music | Events | Food | Film
Review: Feminist fanzine Slag Mag launches at the Castle & Falcon

On Friday 8th March, International Women's Day, the Castle & Falcon hosted a launch party for feminist zine Slag Mag, a new Birmingham-based fanzine that aims to address the male-dominated nature of music and the arts.

Political commentary

The Boar
Society must rethink its attitude towards those on benefits

Marie Buchan is a mother of eight from Birmingham who has been on the receiving end of fierce criticism since her TV debut on Benefits Britain: Life On The Dole in 2015. There, she spoke about claiming benefits for herself and her eight children.

The Boar
Ireland's vote to legalise abortion is a victory - but the fight is far from over

On Saturday, it was announced that Ireland has voted to repeal the 8 th Amendment, with 66.4% voting in favour of legalising abortion - a historic event for women's rights. The turnout in the referendum on Friday was reportedly the third-highest of any referendum in Ireland since the Constitution was adopted in 1937.

Student life

The Boar
There's more to Student life than the Warwick bubble

The famous 'Warwick Bubble'. Consisting of Warwick campus and Leamington Spa, the 'Warwick away from Warwick' where most undergraduates choose to live in their second year. In the bubble, Warwick students immerse themselves in all things warwick - POP!, SU societies and underlying fear of what Coventry has to offer.

The Boar
The art of budgeting at Warwick and how to spend wisely

For many, university is the first real taste of independence. Armed with your maintenance loan and free from the eyes of your parents, it might be tempting for you to splurge. However, if you want to avoid going into your overdraft, you need to think about budgeting before you spend...

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