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Editorial expert and grammar nerd, specialising in travel.
Throughout my career, I've produced digital and offline content for some of the UK's biggest travel brands, including TUI, First Choice, Travelbag and Netflights.


Blog Posts

Netflights blog
Best travel apps for an easy holiday

There are several travel apps that you should download before you go on holiday, to make your trip stress-free and easy. Here's our pick of the bunch.

Netflights blog
Travel horoscope for 2019

Whether you’re Little Miss Practical – we’re looking at you, Virgo – or a life-loving Leo, we’ve predicted where you should go on holiday. You could say it’s written in the stars.

TUI blog
Why Iceland is more magical at Christmas

Like most things, Iceland gets even better at Christmastime. It all kicks off on 11th December – Iceland celebrates 26 days of Christmas, putting our 12 drummers-drumming to shame.

TUI blog
How to stick to your holiday budget

We all have a budget for our holiday spending money, but how often do we stick to it? Avoid that is-it-payday-yet feeling with these easy tips.

TUI blog
Best Valentine's Day holidays for friends

We’ve rounded up the best places to go on holiday with your friends. From beach retreats to party places, these hotspots fit the bill – whatever your budget.

Content Marketing Campaigns

Fairports | International Women's Day 2020

Across the world, you’ll find airports named after some of the most famous and fabled figures in history. Think Pisa’s Galileo Galilei Airport, New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and Paris’s Charles de Gaulle Airport. And what do all of these airports have in common? They’re all named after men.

Travel 2050: The Future of Air Travel

Air travel today is a world away from 2000, let alone 100 years ago. You can book a holiday package in a matter of minutes, check-in as you make your way to the airport, and watch the latest movies at cruise control.

Print Features

TUI inflight magazine
The weekenders

Whether you’re looking for a food-filled few days away or a culture-crammed weekend, a mini-break is a great way to dip your toe into somewhere new

Discover magazine
Better holidays, better world

It’s truly special to see turtles in the wild, but it’s also important to protect them. That’s where the TUI Care Foundation comes in.

First Choice inflight magazine
Supersize your holiday

Here at First Choice, we’re big fans of the all-in-one approach. That’s why, on our holidays, you get your flights, hotel, transfers, meals and drinks in one easy package.

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