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Trump Condoms See 'HUUUUGE' Rise in Sales During Election

FLATIRON DISTRICT - A home decor company has found a way to expand Donald Trump's brand: Condoms. The novelty condom line from Flatiron District-based company Fishs Eddy, featuring an image of Trump with the catchphrase "I'm Huuuuge!," launched in December 2015 - and immediately started flying off the shelves.

Gods and Monsters of the Amazon

Discovering an ancient Mayan city at the age of 25 may seem like a peak in one's career. However, for Ed Barnhart, renowned Latin American archeologist, his discovery in grad school was just the beginning to an accomplished career.

Mexicantos Features Polyphony Spree and Country's Rich History

Houston Chamber Choir's upcoming performance, Mexicantos: Five Centuries of Mexican Choral Treasures, brings to life one of the most prolific sounds known in the culture's rich choral history. "It really is a necessity for arts organizations to reach a demographic that is most representative of their city," said Paige Myrick, marketing and communications manager of the Houston Chamber Choir.

Project Row Houses Wants to See Things Differently

Storied Third Ward arts organization Project Row Houses' upcoming exhibition, Shattering the Concrete: Artists, Activists and Instigators, uses creative practice to spark conversations, build relationships and begin shifting power in the art world from the ground up. "The exhibition is really about the intersection between art and activism," guest curator Raquel de Anda said of the biannual, site-specific exhibit.

Started as a Dusty Toy, Now Hula Hooping is Here

You've all seen them, sprinkling the Houston parks, twirling around and twisting a childhood pastime into an art. Hula hoops, once only a dusty toy forgotten in the back of your garage, are now one of Houston's top trending hobbies for all ages.

CAMH Teen Council Stays Young At Art With Collaboration

Every Thursday afternoon, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston hosts one of the oldest museum-based teen programs in the country. Since 1999, CAMH Teen Council has provided Houston teens the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the art culture. "It's a process of learning about how museums work and learning about the local arts community.

Opera in the Heights Takes on the Greek

In its latest production, Opera in the Heights puts its own twist on the 1889 opera Orfeo ed Euridice. Stage director Leslie Swackhamer opted to forgo Grecian influences and traded togas for tuxedos. "[My costume] is vaguely inspired from 1930 films and pictures of Marlene Dietrich in male drag in a tuxedo, and that's the look they're going for," says lead opera singer, Laura Coale.

Painting Out Memories in "Exposed"

Opposing forces are at work in artist Shae Skidmore's collective art show, Exposed. After conversations with fellow artists at festivals and art galleries about personal inspirations, he was interested in using the idea of dark versus light. It was clear to Skidmore that everyone had a story and for most artists those stories have ways of manifesting themselves into every work of art.

Using "Stories to Tell" for the American Experience

Annie Arnoult has much to say about the American experience with her upcoming ensemble-driven performance, Stories to Tell. "We are not trying to provide answers, but we're certainly asking some tough questions and trying to figure out as human beings, what is our immediate personal, historical connections to these current events," Arnoult said.

Thinking Inside The Box with BioCity

Nonprofit organization Expanded Environment is changing the conversation of conservation with its upcoming exhibition, BioCity, an immersive handcrafted installation on display at Lawndale Art Center. Ned Dodington, creator of Expanded Environment, has dedicated his career to finding ways that modern cities can coexist with nature.

Women's Adventure Magazine
Freeing The Mind

I'll admit, I was in for this ride for all the wrong reasons. My reasoning for signing up was so I'd hopefully get in better shape and come back a certified yoga teacher. I had no intention to come back with a changed outlook on the world at large.

The Daily Mississippian
Statistics show most out-of-state students from Texas

It is no surprise that Mississippi natives make up more than half of The University of Mississippi's full time, undergraduate student body. However, "Bigger in Texas, Better in the Grove" has a whole new meaning when it comes to Ole Miss enrollment. "I wanted to go to a school that promised the full college experience.
Delta Tamales Get Boost From Ole Miss Center

The 17th annual Southern Foodways Symposium is just days away, taking place Oct. 23 - 26 in Oxford. The event is hosted by the Southern Foodways Alliance (SFA), a non-profit organization housed in the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at Ole Miss.
VIDEO: Pole Vault with Rebel Sam Kendricks Wearing Google Glass

If you've ever wondered what it's like to pole vault, reporters Ashleigh Culpepper and Sarah Douglass found a unique way to show you. They asked Sam Kendricks to wear Google Glass - watching it may be the closest you ever come to soaring like Sam.