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I am a writer and a communications specialist with a passion for so many things, especially flowers, gardens, food, travel and social and environmental issues.

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Polka Dot Bride
Top Tips For Sustainable Wedding Flowers - Polka Dot Bride

The whole concept of a bride carrying flowers is rooted in ancient symbolism and a little bit of practicality. Flowers were used to ward off evil spirits or signify fidelity, fertility and a long happy life. They were also carried to disguise body odour... nice!

Market forces clear streets in Vietnam

Supermarkets are replacing Vietnam's traditional markets and hawkers, writes Sarah O'Bryan. Vietnamese street life and shopping habits are on the verge of change as many traditional markets are closed and street vendors banned. People have shopped for centuries at local markets in Vietnam and from street vendors, a highly visible part of the streetscape with their conical hats, poles and baskets.

Little One Magazine
Kids and luxury in Bali

Finding the right balance of luxury and keeping kids happy is a cinch in Bali and that doesn’t mean compromising on style and staying in a theme park resort. But I’m pretty sure you can do that too!

Asia Life
Keeping Kids Safe

The sight of child passengers riding motorbikes without helmets is all too common in Vietnam. But International nonprofit Asia Injury Prevention Foundation is working with government and businesses to change the status quo.

Fruits from the gods

One of the best things about a visit to Vietnam is the abundance of fresh and visually stunning tropical fruit.

Australian Content Magazine
Heart based business - Diamond Rozakeas

Known for creating and running some of Melbourne’s most successful cafes – in possibly the world’s most competitive café scene – Diamond Rozakeas is an inspiring and multifaceted woman who operates from a seemingly perfect mix of intuition, creativity and hard work.

What Dublin
Jazzin it up down south

It's party time in Cork next month. The Guinness International Jazz Festival hits the town on the last weekend in October and does nothing short of turn the town into a musicians Mecca and a swinging party.

Top Flight Family
Summer in Rome and Tuscany With a Toddler and Pre-Schooler

It's that moment when your kids are dancing in the piazza with the locals or when you're all in a gelato haze completely captivated by the rolling Tuscan hills when a wave of relief and exhilaration hits you. Your crazy plan to bring the little darlings halfway across the world has paid off.

The Echo, Geelong Advertiser
Why Lorne charms us all

Once an isolated fishing village, Lorne is nestled in an exquisite setting of rainforests, stunning coastline, cascading waterfalls and these days is known for a fabulous cafe culture.

3004 Magazine
48 hours in Port Fairy

Port Fairy isn't a secret anymore, but if you haven't been, it's time you paid this little secret a visit.