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Sarah Neenan

Location icon United States of America


Nonfiction Capstone Work

Filling Up, Farmers' Market Style

I wrote this piece for a literary nonfiction assignment. I was asked to attend a gathering of people and depict the sensory and cultural experience of the event.

Coffee Shop Navigation

This piece was written for a nonfiction assignment on place writing. The goal was to transform a familiar place into a literary journey for readers.

Simran Madhani: A Voice Worth Following

This was a literary nonfiction assignment on interviewing and profile writing. My piece is written on one of my college campus' student leaders, Simran Madhani

Blog Posts

PC|Lifestyle & Fashion
Feelin' Thrifty

I wrote a number of post for my campus' student run blog in college. This one is on a local thrift shop with top brands and a PC student discount.

PC|Lifestyle & Fashion
Jog Blog

I wrote this post on safe and scenic running routes near campus and through the greater Providence area. This joined to the blog's collection of fitness posts.

PC|Lifestyle & Fashion
We Love You a Latte

This blog post is a review on my favorite coffee shops in the PC area. I wrote it to encourage fellow students to explore the city by grabbing a cup beyond our dining hall.