Sarah Gangraw

Journalist focusing on digital media

Location icon United States of America

My name is Sarah Gangraw and I am a journalism graduate from the University of Central Florida focusing on digital content and social media.

I am seeking a full-time position as a digital editor, copywriter, or a similar position. I am currently interning at YourTango where I create multiple news articles and trending stories each day. I previously interned at Bonnier Corporation (Yachting Magazine) as a digital media editor and was a contributing writer for Nicholson Student Media, HerCampus Media, and Gannett's Central Florida Future.

I have experience working with InDesign, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, and CMS platforms, specifically Sandcastle and WordPress. I also have experience in handling professional social media accounts with over 141,000 followers including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

I graduated Fall 2016, earning a B.A. in journalism with a minor in marketing and would love to put my degree to use!

I'm very social (in person and online!) and love to learn new things. Let's chat!



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Yachting Magazine

Yachting Magazine
Control in Design and Quality

I pulled out the old company archives for this one, which was published in Yachting Magazine's July 2016 issue.

Yachting Magazine
Andy Waugh Concepts

This was one of the top-viewed articles on Yachting Magazine's website in March, with over 14,600 views that month alone.

Yachting Magazine
26 New Yacht Concepts

I researched, reached out to designers, and wrote about these interesting models for Yachting Magazine's website.

Yachting Magazine
Fire Safety at Sea

I kept up with yacht-related events during my internship and wrote this during fire safety month.

Nicholson Student Media

Central Florida Future

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