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Copywriter/Marketing Assistant

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Vetericyn Animal Wellness
5 Easy Steps to Treating Your Dog's Hot Spot - Vetericyn Animal Wellness

If you spy a hot spot on your dog, here's how you can treat it: Carefully trim the hair around the affected area with clippers or scissors. Your pup may get frightened or flinch as you clip around the area of pain, so it may help to have a second person to hold and comfort them as you trim.

Vetericyn Animal Wellness
How To Identify Your Dog's Coat Type - Vetericyn Animal Wellness

Some pups have curls, some have bristly fur, and some have hair that grows down to the floor. Each dog is delightful in its own way, but sometimes they can be a task to wash with all that fur. Knowing what type of coat your dog has can help you be a better groomer at home.

World's Best Cat Litter Blog | Clearing the Air
Meet Dinky, the Cat Who Survived Being Trapped in the Engine of a Moving Car

ALITTERBITAMAZING STORY FROM KITTEN RESCUE Dinky was a stray kitten, born in the wilds of South Los Angeles. Amid the chaos and noise of fireworks from July 4th celebrations, Dinky crawled into a car engine to hide away. The next morning, someone started the car, and suddenly Dinky's safe haven was no longer safe.

MicroArts Creative Agency
Brand Breakdown: Tiny Toast Goes Crunch

When General Mills first launched its new cereal brand, Tiny Toast, last year, we asked ourselves: Did the new brand stand out enough to make a name for itself alongside the already famous Cinnamon Toast Crunch? As it turns out, the answer was no.

Hop Culture
The 15 Most Ridiculous, Over the Top Craft Beer Products * Hop Culture

Being a beer lover often means buying more than just beer. You need certain products to get the most out of each brew. Right? You want to be able to drink anywhere, anytime, at the right temperature, and with the right amount of foam. So you buy coolers, and mini kegs, and devices.

Hop Culture
What Is Dry Hopping and Why Is Seemingly Every IPA Dry Hopped? * Hop Culture

Share It's 12th century Germany. Beer, in the sense we've come to know it in 2017, doesn't yet exist. A rather angelic looking (if we are to believe the portraits) brown-eyed nun named Hildegard spends her days researching and writing what will amount to nine books about science and medicine.

Hop Culture
How to Play 'Brew Ha Ha!' -- the Card Game for Beer Nerds * Hop Culture

Share Imagine if Cards Against Humanity had a baby with a beer critic. You would get something like Brew Ha Ha!. Since Cards Against Humanity is one of the best games of all time (I know I sound like Kanye), combining it with beer means this game doesn't disappoint.

MicroArts Creative Agency
Show Your Brand Strategy with Instagram | MicroArts Creative Agency

Anyone can get on Instagram and create a feed of random snapshots of their daily life. It takes a certain amount of strategy and dedication to create a profile that can engage others in your brand's identity and experience. Learn how to strategically use Instagram in order to showcase your brand and promote networking.

Hop Culture
Hop Daily: January 23, 2017 * Hop Culture

Yo ho mateys, Maui Brewing Co. of Lahaina, Hawaii is about to release their 2016 Edition Black Pearl. The Imperial Coconut Porter has been aged in rum barrels and infused with coconut flakes, and will be available in their Kihei Tasting Room & Kahana Brewpub.

Senior Seminar Long Form

Long form piece written for Senior Seminar in Nonfiction class

LionWise LLC
LionWise Manager's Manual

The main manual I wrote for my internship at LionWise. Details how to use LionWise Point of Sale system. (Formatting of cover page is misaligned)