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Sarah O'Brien graduated from Providence College in May 2015, earning her Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and Studio Art. She has been published in Every Writer’s Every Day Poems, Snapping Twig, The Screech Owl, The Alembic, and Unbroken Journal. Sarah served as Managing Editor of The Alembic this past year, and as Arts & Entertainment Editor of Providence College's newspaper, The Cowl, for two years. Her paintings and photographs have been displayed in Hunt-Cavanagh Gallery and the Copley Hall of Art. She is a copy editor for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a copy writer for Exclusive Concepts.

"For Sylvia's Sake" and Other Poems by Sarah A. O'Brien

For Sylvia's Sake If Plath were alive today, she'd tell me, Screw him. Hard. Then move on. If you do not tie yourself to anything, You cannot be surprised when you float away. If Plath were alive today, we'd laugh uproariously Over men so threatened by female power, They flee from silver-tongued shadows of it....

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Two Poems

by Sarah A. O'Brien we met between lovers we met between lovers we met in the shadow of a last laugh; we met on purpose. my lukewarm heart ready to let light linger, to enter an epoch of uninhibited hip movements, of reckless decision-making done-for once-sober. sobriety looked good on me.

The Cowl
The "C" Word

Sarah O'Brien '15/A&EStaff I know what you're thinking. No, "C" is not for cookies; get your mind out of Cookie Monster's trashcan. The "C" I am referring to is one that everyone has heard, and most likely has a very strong hatred toward- Cancer. It's estimated that 3,400 Americans are diagnosed with cancer each day.

The Cowl
What is Love? Baby, Don't Hurt Me...

Sarah O'Brien '15/Asst. A&E Editor A battered face. A broken nose, bruised cheeks, swollen eyes, a bloody, split lip-punching, biting, choking, and threatening. Not to mention the verbal abuse that led to the physical.

The Cowl
Textile Art, Tees, and Taking Initiative: Students Start Serengetee

Sarah O'Brien '15/A&E Editor Say it: Serengetee. Doesn't it roll off the tongue? College-aged individuals from around the nation joined together to start this charitable clothing company, in hopes of making a global impact. Led by Jeff Steitz, a junior at Claremont McKenna College, a group of about 25 students work behind-the-scenes on everything from advertising to communication with charities to production planning and distribution.

The Cowl
Poor Murderer, a Killer Show

Sarah O'Brien '15/Asst. A&E Editor Four hours a day, six days a week. That's how much time the cast members dedicate to Providence College's Department of Theatre, Dance, and Film's most recent production, Poor Murderer, which is directed by faculty member John Garrity.

The Cowl
Gaitskill's Got Skills

Sarah O'Brien '15/Asst. A&E Editor She's known for her characters. On Tuesday, March 20, author Mary Gaitskill graced Providence College with her presence, giving a reading in Feinstein 400. Gaitskill has written the novels Two Girls, Fat and Thin, and Veronica, which was nominated for the 2005 National Book Award, National Critic's Circle Award, and L.A.

The Cowl
Headphones In: Last One Out

Sarah O'Brien '15/Asst. A&E Editor A few years ago, you might have found them in the dirty basement of a house on Eaton Street, playing music for intoxicated college students. Today, they are competing in a worldwide Battle of the Bands, in the Hard Rock Rising competition, for a chance to play in London with Bruce Springsteen.

Every Day Poems
Blinking is Ill-Advised by Sarah A. O'Brien

by Sarah A. O'Brien That joke was not funny, and I am willing to bet Your next one isn't either. I am terribly sure you do not like me, But I was banking on that to begin with. There are too many places to be right now And deciding is like a plane deciding to swim.

Studying Abroad in Firenze: First Impressions

Words and photos by Sarah O'Brien, a creative writing major from Providence College who is studying abroad in Florence during Fall semester 2013 with CAPA International Education. Wow. My first days in Florence have been incredible. I moved into my apartment when I arrived, which has a more ideal location than I dared to hope for.

Dear Freshman Self

GUEST BLOGGER: SARAH A. O'BRIEN '15 Sarah is a Creative Writing major and Studio Art minor who will be graduating this May. She has been a Writing Tutor for the past three years, and helped to found the Writing Center's Fiction Roundtable. Sarah serves as Managing Editor of PC's literary journal, The Alembic.

Snapping Twig
To Whom It May Concern

Tried to write you into a poem once. Tried to fit your flaws into haikus, as you got high beside me. To quell your quirks into stanzas, your measured breaths into meter, your seaside voice into verse. Didn't work out.

Snapping Twig

There are seven of them now. Twisting, towering time-markers choreographing shadows that stretch their limbs along the darkened walls. With them, familiar voices flicker, rising and falling in awkward accord. As if a slice of Aunt Ruby's red velvet cake and another sip of homemade sangria could make us forget that last year, we were unsure we would see seven.

Snapping Twig
Terminal 2

Curled up on cold airport tile, your voice reverberates from the other side of this world: Everyone gets lonely sometimes. Not me, though, right? Not me, I have my independence. I have this jacket lent by two Moroccan men because they couldn't stand to see me shiver.

Snapping Twig

If looks could kill, bathroom mirrors (and several ex-boyfriends) would be extinct by now. "TRAMP," some vigilant soul took time to spell out in scarlet marker on my locker, letter "A" slightly slanted. At the museum, Titian's painted tits are on display. Venus of Urbino, she's called. Her name is Angela.

Snapping Twig

Heap of half-clean clothing serves as a throne for your phone, which holds a half-memorized number that you half-forgot to remember to delete. So what if he's still the Emergency Contact to half of your heart. So what if he's a disease that caused you sickness from the start.

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