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Wine and revelry at the Grape Escapade

Share this on Wine and Goa have been having a love affair for a long time. Blame it on whoever for this love affair (like we do it in India),but the consequences of this love affair is bearing fruits (almost literally) for all of us in disguise in the form of a fantastic wine festival .The Grape Escapade is an annual event which brings together everybody and anybody who has a 'sour' tooth for wine.

The Coral Reef of Goa

An Extraordinary Natural Treasure Is In Danger The vast marine world has fascinated and baffled humankind since the dawn of time. And there's much about it we don't know. One thing that's not in doubt, however, is its importance to our survival. Coral reefs are among the most exotic spectacles of the seas.

"No Dolphin, No Money"

Dolphins, perhaps the most beloved creature of the sea, have taken Goa's tourism scene by storm. Their intelligence and emotional resemblance to us have earned them the status of "non-human person" in India, the first country in the world to take this laudable step.

Arambol on 500 bucks

It's not hard to have a good time in laid back Arambol, made famous in the 1960s for its preponderance of long-staying hippies. Many of these types are still around, and Arambol's easy going vibe is still a big draw.

Goa's Rockin' Music Scene

Sunburn Goa Music in the Sunny State There's no better place to be in India in December than Goa. Along with Christmas and New Year's, there are a great many festive events all over the state that make the tourist season the very picture of vibrant.

'Top' Lists

Top 10 reasons to live in Goa

Did you know that in Mumbai you have to have a permit to drink in a bar, just in case a friendly neighborhood cop taps you on the shoulder? Or that in Delhi after 7 pm, the whole city feels like some kind of dark alley, unsafe for both men and women?

Gallery Trail

Sunaparanta Art Gallery Where to Go in Goa if You're in the Mood for Art In my honest opinion, there couldn't be a better place to be an artist than Goa. Long open roads with fields everywhere, big beautiful houses instead of buildings and complexes, a population of just 1.4 million, and amazing natural beauty in every corner.

7 Top book shops

Elevate the monsoons by curling up with a book For an avid reader, monsoon can be like Christmas. Delays, cancellations and a lot of getting stuck in places is all part and parcel of the season, but it ends in a precious gift. In this case, of time.

Music Reviews


Joanne Fernandes

Joanne Fernandes performing at Goa Streets Party Is she Goa's best singer? If you think so, you're not alone! Of the many musical talents that have emerged in Goa in the past few years, Joanne Fernandes stands out. She is one of Goa's most popular contemporary singers, and certainly one of the best as well.


A World of Wonders Greets You On Chogm Road Goa in its infinite beauty is host to many kinds of manmade structures, be it resorts, hotels, shacks or houses. Every season we see new restaurants, cafes, bars and other ventures mushroom up in different corners of the state.

Original Musical Composition