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Literary Review of Canada
"Deal or No Deal?" | LRC

Get LRC Weekend Free literary snapshots from across Canada. Sign Up! Share This Review At this year's World Economic Summit, in Davos, the teenage activist Greta Thunberg told the assembled, "I don't want your hope. . . . I want you to panic. . . . I want you to act as if the house was on fire, because it is."

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Outpost Magazine
Goa isn't the Party Town You Think it is

If you've heard of Goa, you've probably heard of its legendary debauchery. You might know all about its hip EDM and trance music scenes, secret raves and full-moon parties. You've heard of the sex, drugs and booze that free-flow in the state in the eternal servitude of the hip tourist.

Outpost Magazine
My Top 10 Canadian Parks' Bucket List: an Expat's Unabashed View

Six months before leaving for Canada from Goa, India, I downloaded a picture of the North American night sky as seen from Alberta's Lake Louise on my phone. This was my motivation to do the necessary day-to-day chores that one needs to do if they want to get to another country.

The Coral Reef of Goa

An Extraordinary Natural Treasure Is In Danger The vast marine world has fascinated and baffled humankind since the dawn of time. And there's much about it we don't know. One thing that's not in doubt, however, is its importance to our survival. Coral reefs are among the most exotic spectacles of the seas.

"No Dolphin, No Money"

Dolphins, perhaps the most beloved creature of the sea, have taken Goa's tourism scene by storm. Their intelligence and emotional resemblance to us have earned them the status of "non-human person" in India, the first country in the world to take this laudable step.

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Joanne Fernandes

Joanne Fernandes performing at Goa Streets Party Is she Goa's best singer? If you think so, you're not alone! Of the many musical talents that have emerged in Goa in the past few years, Joanne Fernandes stands out. She is one of Goa's most popular contemporary singers, and certainly one of the best as well.


A World of Wonders Greets You On Chogm Road Goa in its infinite beauty is host to many kinds of manmade structures, be it resorts, hotels, shacks or houses. Every season we see new restaurants, cafes, bars and other ventures mushroom up in different corners of the state.

Original Musical Composition