Sandhya Kaushik

Student Journalist

Location icon United Kingdom

London-Surrey based journalist.
A 2nd year Journalism undergraduate at City, University of London.
Big lover of all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle.
Find my work here, including some short stories.


I often slept here. It was quieter, less drunk abusers, and felt somewhat warmer, even though I knew that it technically wasn't. I wanted to be around company, you know, maybe sleep on the main road and watch the world rotate as I stayed stagnant. But sometimes, men would say things to me, so I...


The dark has always been something that's left an unnerving feeling in my stomach. There's something just so chilling about not being able to see anything. It has way of enveloping you - filling your entire being with a sense of dread and worry, for sometimes no reason.

Sandy Kaushik
1 to 1 interview

"Grief isn't something you move on from, you just learn to live with it." Being a teenager comes with a whirlwind of emotions as it is - but when you lose one of the most important people in your life, things take a turn for the worst.

Sandy Kaushik
A Glossier phenomenon

A healthy, dewy, moisturised glow is what every woman wants to their skin. If you're looking for the perfect stocking filler this Christmas, you've come to the right place. Glossier, a make-up and skincare brand founded by Emily Weiss, has sky rocketed in the past year and provides the ideal little bits to pop in...

Sandy Kaushik
The rise of X: how the abuse of prescription drugs has taken a toll on teens

Like any other teenager, Tilly Thomas, 19 and student from London, would experiment with drugs with her friends, going to raves and parties. She stumbled upon 'xanax', a drug with the primary use of reducing effects of anxiety. And as a result, she found herself enjoying the effects it gave her, and has continued to...

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