Samara McRae


Location icon Australia

Now that you have stumbled across my professional brand, let me introduce myself.
Funny enough, I had no plans of being a writer. I began my previous career as a qualified Lead Educator, which lead me to move to Sydney in 2015 for a chance to start up my own business working with children and moving forward in a purposeful way; advancing their development and encouraging parents with my advanced knowledge and hands on experience.

I now live in Queensland and find myself traveling and writing around the world. I value the influence written work has had in shaping the society we live in today.
I focus on strategic engagement and with my creative writing skills, thirst for media strategies, I attract readers with my authenticity.

I absolutely love to travel, enjoying the cultural experiences, adventures, eating different foods and meeting new people.

I am currently studying a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and minoring in Creative Writing. I have certificates in Screen Performance with Australian Screen Performance Academy, Business Administration Certificate and completed a Presenters course with Tv Pro Global- "News presenting is bringing that written piece to life with an attractive audio visual medium".

I hope to progress in this line of Journalism. Striving to be a News Reporter and being able to tell people's stories; I am strongly committed to making a difference and supporting my local community in ways possible. Having a down to earth mentality, well rounded understanding of the responsibilities of being a public figure and role model, I avidly promote a lifestyle that is realistic, healthy and positive.



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