Samantha Bergum

Senior Project, Samantha Bergum
Let's Get Together - Senior Project

I designed this curriculum for my senior project and worked together with two other students to write the curriculum itself.

The Northerner
Regina Daniels brings passion into career choice - The Northerner

Regina Daniels is North Central's newest American Sign Language professor. Photo by Samantha Bergum. Regina Daniels is the newest professor in the Carlstrom American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreting program at North Central. Teaching American Sign Language is only one of the many hats she wears.

The Northerner
The Commons, the Suburbia within Minneapolis - The Northerner

The youngest Elliot Park residents appreciate the new playground at Commons Park. Photo by Samantha Burgum. The Commons is a place that was created to provide a place for gathering outdoors in downtown Minneapolis. In 2015, the city hired a team to design and build to make the Commons come to life near U.S.