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Samantha Grillo-Dupuy


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Second to the birth of my daughter, my proudest moment was when I sat up in bed years later, and shed actual tears at the realization that I needed to get back to doing what I love, and now.

At that time I had been home for two years raising my daughter, and realized that I had unfinished business. I had to continue pursuing my career in media production.

My journey started under the Brooklyn Bridge in DUMBO, New York - working for free at a news agency lugging tripods and pelican cases to location shoots; advancing to Producer and curating news stories about incredible places and people you only see once in a lifetime.

After marrying my college sweetheart and moving to sunny San Diego, we bore the greatest human to walk the earth (in my biased opinion) and I made the conscious decision to stay home to raise her. It wasn't until about two years later that I had what I can only describe as an awakening to the fact that I needed to get back into production.

I threw my dice and landed a Marketing Production Coordinator position in San Francisco, California - running back and forth between the photo studio and a forever-changing daily schedule of meetings. I'm responsible for all aspects of pre and post-production - kicking off marketing campaigns, delivering television spots to the Media Traffic Manager, creating and managing shot lists and products, booking talent and crew, coordinating with Brand, Creative, Merchandise and Retouch departments to make sure final assets are delivered with a perfect, pretty bow wrapped around them.

The way I see it, production is a giant headache that you enjoy having. It's moving mountains when you're given a molehill budget sometimes. It's having a desk that you sit at for 10 minutes throughout your 8 hour work day. It's checking emails at 10pm on a Saturday with both agony AND drive to make sure that your project is handled with the care that only you can give it. And seeing the fruit of your labor is like seeing your first born walking into college - sad they're leaving but proud you got them there.

I was born to work in production, and I hope we get the pleasure to meet and talk about how I can make yours amazing.

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