Samantha Hawks

Writer and Editor

Location icon United States of America

Samantha Hawks (née Beasley) is a writer and editor based out of New York City. She has worked as a facilitator for independent writing workshops and philosophy debate groups within the city of Portland, Oregon as well as edited and curated for writer-run literary journals. Today she can be found working one-on-one with artists, writers, and students, assisting them with the development of their academic or creative projects, artist statements, press releases, and biographies. She is committed to promoting integrity in quality arts journalism and criticism, drawing both from her multi-faceted, fresh perspective on the arts in the midst of the digital age and her lengthy background in the visual and literary arts.

She studied art history and French at Portland State University with honors. In 2019 she returns to university to pursue a degree in Media, Communications, and Visual Studies.



Corporate Material Draft
Business Partnership Proposal

A business proposal to facilitate transition from a client's informal Executive Assistant position to Production Manager and business partner.

Artist Biographies

Artists' Website
James Wigger Biography

An artist biography and brief summarization of the artist's intentions behind his work.


Academic Thesis
The Modern

Exploring the meaning of "modernity" and its human impact through the works of Karl Marx and Olaudah Equiano.

Academic Thesis
Innocence vs. Experience: Corruption in Blake

What was the value of purity during the Enlightenment, and what was its place in literature? An exploration through William Blake's 'Songs of Innocence and Experience'.



"The sun has emerged from its mantle, throwing light to clatter like cutlery..."

The Forager

"I want to crush your black shell, slippery with fragrant isolation..."


"If you advance much further, you will upset the sensible order..."


"Who can say where you came from and why..."

Death of Angels

"As their reserve sags lax each woman comes..."