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A New Jersey native navigating the streets and subways of New York City. Graduated from NYU Tisch with a MA in Cinema Studies. Writing is more than a hobby.

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Film Review: The Boy Downstairs

Much like the gentrified streets of contemporary Brooklyn, Sophie Brooks’ The Boy Downstairs is a film that lacks both substance and memorability, only ever going skin-deep in terms of narrative and character.

Disc Dish
Film Review: Have a Nice Day

An understated film that evokes the malaise of modern day capitalism, Have a Nice Day by China’s Liu Jian is a darkly comedic animated film that has a minimalistic style in both art and storytelling. With its simple-tone color palette, dark lines and minimal animation style, the film feels like animated pop art filtered through a muted color scheme.

This Action Will Have Consequences...

(Morality, Ethics, and Player Choice in Video Games) an excerpt from an academic essay: This essay seeks to explore this methodology of melodrama being an evolving mode, where melodrama will be viewed not as a genre, but as a mode which encapsulates many different forms of modern media.

Fallout Cafe: An Alternate Approach to Accentuating the Negative

Instead of trying to come up with a coherent WordPress article, I had decided to make a mini "found footage" montage evocative of the 1982 film The Atomic Cafe and let sound and image do the talking. The Atomic Cafe is a documentary film made up of entirely archival footage from the United States' nuclear warfare era (the 1940s...

Thoughts on Memory

Memory is a measure of intelligence. Something which I apparently lack because I opened my laptop to write something regarding memory and my relationship with it, only to completely forget the reason why I turned on my laptop in the first place.

Logan (2017): Personal thoughts on a personal film

Yesterday, I finally got around to seeing Logan (2017, dir. Mangold). I wish I had seen this film on opening day, before I was moderately spoiled by reviews praising this film for its tone and narrative, because had I not gone into this film expecting it to be great, I would have no doubt been completely blown...

Dreams (& Time)

"There are no jerks in time or space in real life. Time and space are continuous. "Not so in film." -Rudolf Arnhiem, Film and Reality A dream is not bound to the rules of the space-time continuum. For example, in one moment you can find yourself in a forest confronted by a beautiful, vengeful woman, and in...

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