Sope Aluko

Journalist and Graphic Designer

Sope (pronounced: SHAW-peh) Aluko is a 2015 Howard University graduate, where she studied Print/Online Journalism and Graphic Design.

Her interest in storytelling started as a shy, young girl who loved getting lost in reading books and doodling, leading her to do some writing and and drawing of her own. It was in the second week of her high school sophomore year when she stumbled upon what she felt she was destined to do: be a journalist.

During her sophomore and junior year, she served as a staff writer for Mainstream, the newspaper at Paint Branch High School. In her senior year, she was selected to serve as News Editor. As News Editor, she was responsible for creation of the news page- from the layout to the content on the page.

At Howard University, she enthusiastically wrote for publications such as, the webpage for Howard University’s student-run television station, where she started as a Staff writer, eventually becoming Editor-in-Chief,, an online magazine geared towards 18-34 year olds, The Hilltop, Howard’s school newspaper, and Howard University News Service. With Howard University News Service, she covered events affecting D.C's Ward 4, as well as other special events at the Washington Ballet, on the National Mall, and The White House, just to name a few.

She is excited for the journey that ahead for her a young professional in a world of creatives.



Pavement Pieces
Warren wows the crowd with a fiery anti-corruption speech in Washington Square Park - Pavement...

Since her introduction to the campaign trail, Senator Elizabeth Warren has made, "It's time to level the playing field" a key slogan. Photo by Sope Aluko Thousands of people gathered in Washington Square Park yesterday to hear Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren speak on her fight against corruption, women's workplace equality, environmental issues, and other progressive issues that have been fueling the rise of her campaign.

Howard University Dancers Perform With Washington Ballet

WASHINGTON - Paris Jones was an energetic 4-year old who just wanted to be active and dance with her friends. Now at 22, the Howard University senior is still dancing, this time sharing the stage with other students and professionals from the distinguished Washington Ballet.

The Co Report
The Reason Why Black People Don't Love Nature

Growing up in Jamaica as an only child, Audrey Peterman roamed fearlessly, taking in the beauty of the island that many dream to visit, not to mention, call home. After arriving in the US, marrying, and raising six children, Peterman's love for the outdoors grew, pushing her to start sightseeing in national parks.

Artistic Teens Take Up Residence at the White House

Growing up, André Massey early on lived with a strained relationship with his father, as well as bullying from his peers, which caused him to often act out in rage. A teacher suggested Massey, now 14, begin channeling his frustration and anger through creative writing.

Despite Stats, District Public Schools Chancellor Gives Upbeat Address

Speaking to some of the Washington school system's parents and teachers, District of Columbia Public School Chancellor Kaya Henderson gave an upbeat assessment of the system in her third annual "State of Schools" address, pointing to progress in graduation rates and teacher satisfaction. Henderson, who addressed nearly 400 parents and teachers Sept.

Death Penalty Vote in Maryland Is a Win for Students

College students traveled by bus to the Maryland Statehouse in Annapolis recently to protest one of the nation's most controversial issues - the death penalty - and their efforts are beginning to pay off. Their lobbying and rallies, along with debate among lawmakers, led to a 27-20 vote by state senators on Wednesday to repeal the death penalty in Maryland.

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