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Tel Aviv's Top 7 Most Romantic Spots

Whether you're in the mood to grab coffee, a delicious bite or a fine wine night out, Tel Aviv has a wide variety of places to chose from . The crowded atmosphere in this city can make it challenging to choose the ideal place if you're looking for a more intimate spot.

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A Day In Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles has become the new hotspot of Southern California. From culture, music, and nightlife, you can spend a day in DTLA and experience the trendiest places.

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A French Person's Guide To Tel Aviv's Top Patisseries and Boulangeries

If you miss France and its delicious and baked goods, you're in luck! French bakeries have spread throughout the years in Tel Aviv, offering a variety of succulent desserts. Whether you want to savour a macaron a French baguette a crêpe or even just a croissant , you will have to find them in particular boutique bakeries.

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Staying In Tel Aviv With Style: The Top 7 Boutique Hotels

offers over 20 boutique hotels scattered across the city, each with unique settings and high-end hospitality. The trend of boutique hotels dates back to the 1980s, and since has been constantly growing in the White City . Each one of the gems listed offers particular styles with exclusive service and comfort.

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10 Outdoor Activities You Must Experience in Israel

Whether you are looking for an adventurous or a relaxing outdoor activity, has a unique and abundant range to explore and choose from! If you're visiting the south of Israel, you will probably enjoy the Red Sea and the water sport options on offer, but if you're in the desert, climbing Masada, Jeep trekking and camel riding are the most exciting activities to enjoy.

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Top Spots To Grab A Drink Around Rothschild Boulevard

The amount of bars, cafés, and restaurants in Tel Aviv is endless. When walking along the iconic Rothschild Boulevard, a long and tree-lined stretch through the city, you will always find a place to sit down and grab a drink. With so many choices, we've curated our list of spots to check out when you're in the area.

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Fashion Lover's Guide To Shopping The Boutiques Of Tel Aviv

Despite the many crowded shopping malls Tel Aviv has to offer, street shopping is very much alive. The most popular and trendiest stores are located in the heart of Tel Aviv on and Street. You can also walk by cheap stores on and King George Street, where you can bargain to get an outfit for as little as 100 shekel ($25).

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Meet the Cultural Entrepreneur And Artist, Rei Dishon

Meet the Cultural Entrepreneur and Community manager Rei Dishon from Tel Aviv. Rei has it done it all, from joining the IDF, being a Boy Scout, and even creating Midburn in Israel. After a successful opening of Midburn, Rei shifted to Street Art Urban , where he further expressed concepts of culture: he launched where all the events of the Israeli independent artists are grouped together.

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Foodie's Guide To Tel Aviv's Gourmet Restaurants

Tel Aviv is known to be the most populated and busiest city of Israel. A big part of Tel Aviv is the culinary experience; wherever you are in the city, you come across a wide variety of restaurants. This vibrant and modern city is reputed for its gourmet cuisine with an Israeli touch.

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Gallery 32: Tel Aviv's Visual Treat For Art Lovers

Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, situated in an eclectic style building, which has open windows that overlook the city, but also allow anyone walking by to gaze at the fascinating art. The gallery is dedicated to showcasing contemporary art and includes the greatest artists from Denis Rouvre to Katrin Fridriks , some of the most remarkable pieces of art.

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7 Cultural Experiences You Will Only Discover In Israel

Israel is known to be unique for its culture as well as its sites. No matter where you are, you can probably participate in the following seven cultural experiences scattered around the exceptional country. Each year or even each week, each of these spots and occasions are visited and experienced by tourists and Israelis alike.

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