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Egypt's forgotten Shiite minority -

The evolution of religions across centuries from belief in the godheads encapsulating hieroglyphic shapes towards a formal code of scripture rituals has been a salient element of Egypt's ancient and modern history. As the Arab Republic has witnessed the succession of different ruling bodies, the religious chessboard has eyed alterations accordingly.

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Ditching the Egyptian Islands: Between Cash, Legitimacy, and Public Outrage · Global Voices

Following his formal rise to power in 2014, President Abdelfattah Sisi and his government have curtailed democratic freedoms, tightened the grip on press platforms, and limited the role of civil society. His latest controversial exertion of power involves the transfer of ownership of the Tiran and Sanafir Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia, a move that recently won parliamentary approval, despite some irregularities in the process.

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As Italy and Egypt Strengthen Diplomatic Ties, Will Giulio Regeni's Murder Case See Justice? ·...

On September 5, Egypt and Italy officially resumed diplomatic relations after a year and a half, installing Italian Ambassador Giampaolo Gantini to his Cairo office soon after on September 14. Bilateral relations between Rome and Cairo deteriorated when the tortured body of Italian Cambridge Scholar Giulio Regeni was found in Egypt, a murder widely believed to have been committed by state security forces.

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The Unlikelihood of an Oil Freeze Plan

Fluctuation in global crude prices has always been in the focus of economic and financial news. Introducing the idea of capping oil production, as OPEC recently agreed upon in Algeria in September, emerged from the need to lift oil prices. The Algiers meeting gave industry leaders some hope as it signaled a slight shift in Saudi’s previously intransigent strategy to pump crude oil flat out to maintain the country’s lion’s market share. However, some indications throw to the fact that OPEC...

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Egypt Sees Continuous Inflow of Foreign Investments

Following a period of economic and political restructuring, Egypt’s oil and gas industry has stabilized relative to where it was. The Egyptian government is taking huge steps to bring in more foreign investments as further discoveries are being made. Despite the state of political unrest and economic setbacks brought about by the 2011 revolution, Egypt has still managed to attract foreign IOCs into its energy industry. The increase in investment comes at a time when the country is looking to...

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A 'Detainee of All Eras': The Prominent Case of Egyptian Activist Alaa Abdelfattah · Global Voices

Egypt's wide-scale systematic arrests of political dissidents have allowed for full government control over a country of more than 100 million citizens. Orchestrated by Egyptian President Abdelfattah El Sisi, the imprisonment of opposition bloggers and political activists has become daily news, turning justice into a political arena pitting opponents against the regime.

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By Salma Essam The recent French presidential elections had spurred controversial reactions and divergent responses upon the announcement of Emmanuel Macron's victory. From the center to the extreme far-right, the position of both pro-EU leader and his then-opponent Marine Le Pen on the politic

Egypt Oil & Gas

By Salma Essam Britain's Exit from the European Union has sparked conflicting debates among world leaders, signaling huge economic and political consequences that render the future of the UK obscure. In late March 2017, British Prime Minister Theresa May has invoked article 50 of the EU law tha