Sally Farhat Kassab

Media Relations Specialist; Former Magazine Editor, Newspaper Reporter, University Writing Instructor

United States

Hi! I am Sally. I am a media relations specialist. I am a former newspaper and magazine journalist. In the photo above, I am with social entrepreneurs at the Skoll World Forum in England.

My staff work includes media relations, keynote presentations for executives, event planning, editing national magazines, running a local magazine, reporting for newspapers, authoring a book and lots of marketing.

I taught 300-level writing at the University of Washington and worked with nonprofit executives on speeches at the Skoll Foundation. Past writing stints include the Detroit Free Press, Seattle Times, In Style and Parents magazine. I was the editor-in-chief of Seattle Bride magazine, acting as its spokesperson on local talk shows.

My clients have included Microsoft, US News + World Report, Avelo Airlines, Every Day with Rachael Ray, Cooking Light and more. I love throwing dinner parties, connecting humans, and laughter. (I would still like to try my shot at being a stand-up comedian). Email me: [email protected]


Books, Teaching + Leadership

Best Places Northwest

I wrote and edited this 500-page travel guidebook. I also managed more than a dozen writers.


US News & World Report
What Is Reggio Emilia Education?

When it's time for children to start their schooling, parents face big decisions almost immediately. Different educational philosophies are available beginning in preschool that will govern curriculum, teaching and testing in the classroom. One that U.S. parents are almost sure to encounter is Reggio Emilia education, an Italian form of preschool that has gained popularity in the U.S.

US News & World Report
How Parents Can Navigate a 504 Plan

A 504 plan provides equal access to education for people with disabilities, focusing on accommodations that make it more feasible for students with learning differences to thrive in a traditional classroom. Functionally, what that means is an agreement between parents and a school that creates special conditions for a student.

US News & World Report
Mindfulness Activities for Kids

By now, most of us have heard of "mindfulness," the practice of focusing attention on the present moment without any judgment. Many adults practice it through meditation, yoga, walking or simply sitting still. But mindfulness is not just for adults. According to mental health experts, it can also be good for children.



Microsoft Build 2021 Book of News
Microsoft Build 2021 Book of News

I wrote this guide for journalists, focusing on new software to be released at an upcoming conference. It was a massive project consisting of working with many product marketing managers and engineers from many departments across the company, translating tech-y language into everyday speak.

Public Speaking

Seattle Bride
Speaking at bridal expo events

I spoke in front of very large groups of people at bridal expos such as the Seattle Wedding Show when I was editor of Seattle Bride magazine.

Spring baby names: Check out these fresh ideas!

I wrote many, many articles for iVillage then owned by NBC, and many pieces like this one also ran on “It's the first day of spring (even if it doesn't exactly feel like it outside) and we're thinking about baby names inspired by the season. If you're expecting right around now, check out these spring baby names.”


Public Relations

PR quoted expert

I gave advice to PR professionals on secrets of pitching magazines.


Corporate Blogging

Skoll | Doing the Unexpected: How One Social Entrepreneur Changed Paths

One year I was the live-blogger at the Skoll World Forum. “Jenny Bowen thought her work was almost done. After 17 years of running OneSky (formerly known as Half the Sky), she had helped transform China's child welfare institutions, and she could ‘see the light at the end of the tunnel.’ We have lots of work left to do, but I can see where it's going.’”

Skoll | 5 Lessons of Hope from a Social Entrepreneur Who was Jailed

Cecilia Flores-Oebanda and some of her children were jailed for four years for fighting against the Marcos regime of the Philippines. (Former President Ferdinand Marcos was removed from power in 1986). Her organization, which helps stop human trafficking in the Philippines, was "strained and challenged" two years ago.


Every Day with Rachael Ray
Best Spas

I wrote the Seattle section.


Seattle Times
Hmong Flower Growers in Full Gloom

This story illustrates my idea-generating talents. It was hailing in July, and I thought about who it would affect the most. Some research and reporting in the field led to this story, which caused someone to donate $10,000 to the farmers.


Beauty + Wellness