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Sally Fox

Content Writer - Copywriter

Location icon United Kingdom

As a vibrant and resourceful writer, I am committed to producing copy that is intelligent, creative and well written. I demonstrate a diligent approach to my work, innovating to keep content new and compelling whilst remaining deadline-driven. 

Talk to me about your company's blog posts, SEO articles, landing pages, product copy, and press releases. Or get your startup off on the right foot with my tone of voice and content creation consultancy.

With a proven track record in boosting page views, engagement and sales, if you need copy that is well researched, compelling and authentic, look no further.

I am currently taking on new clients for web content creation at very competitive rates.  

Meet The Label: Hanaa-Fu Revolutionary bags for stylish sustainability

Hanaa-Fu is a handbag brand from Japan that fuses Eastern beauty with Western elegance to create clever purses that you'll wonder how you lived without! We caught up with the brand's designer Masato Tsubouchi, who filled us in on the label's unique and inspiring ethos.

ZUU online Singapore
The 5 Most Luxurious Credit Cards in the World

Sally Fox Sally is a freelance writer, blogger and copywriter with a background in fashion. She loves writing on topics as diverse as finance, travel, health, food and music. When she isn't tapping that keyboard you'll find her planning her next trip.

Warning! This post may contain cute baby elephants!

Somewhere in the Thai jungle a couple of hours from Chiang Mai, I'm knee deep in water, massaging mud into the rippled skin of a baby elephant. Just your average Wednesday afternoon, then. Maybe I'm imagining things, but I think I hear him sigh contentedly, and my heart melts.

How one ceramics brand is remodeling a community's future

Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand is a city with at least a thousand personalities and counting! A backpacker's Mecca, where travellers flock for the bustle of Bangkok, the culinary prowess of Isaan and that world-famous warm, Thai welcome all rolled into one.

Matinee Multilingual
4 Ways recording a podcast will grow your business - Matinee Multilingual

Move over, email marketing. One of the most effective tools for successful business marketing these days is the podcast. Once a platform for niche hobbies and experimental comedy, podcasting is proven to support substantial business growth in return for relatively little output.

Vanderful: An African Adventure for Education - unsustainable

words by Sally Fox, photographs by Vanderful Six weeks ago, Silent was terrified of the ocean. Not that you'd know it to see him now, poised on his surfboard, eyeing the approaching wave over his shoulder. As it swells beneath him, he begins to kick, surging forward, triumphant, cutting a bold figure in the foaming wave as they reach shore together.

What does the future hold for Borneo's Bajau Laut? - unsustainable

words by Sally Fox, photographs by Sally Fox and Jakko Wilschut Visitors to Mabul Island in Borneo flock to witness some of the most diverse marine life remaining in the world. But whilst there, they are almost guaranteed to meet another mysterious community that call the sea home.

Cross-Borders Magazine
The Art of a Marketplace:

"Better the balance, better the world" is the theme of this year's International Women's Day, taking place on March 8th. For some female e-commerce experts from Bulgaria, creating balance in the world is not just about equal opportunities between the sexes, but bridging the disparity between people from different countries and uniting to protect the environment in which we all live.

Discover the spirit of Tokyo.

As any Tokyo resident will tell you, a visit to the city can feel like a journey through time, and you've only travelled a few stops on the subway! With almost 10 million inhabitants, the streets hum with new technology, while remaining grounded and respectful of tradition. Vintage meets new in Tokyo.

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