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Sadie Kromm

Writer / Copy Editor

Location icon Canada

For the past few years, I have composed articles that surround a variety of different topics, such as sustainability and music. I also have had the privilege of interviewing leading change makers and collaborated with mindful organizations and brands.

I believe each piece is a form of social fabric. Please email me: [email protected] for my full resume.

Setting Mind
The Practice of Reviving Garments With Horticulture

Mother Earth is the forgoer to all of us humans. She is the breadwinner and forgives us for our solecism. When it comes to learning how to nurture and breathe new life into our garments, her sources are a perfect way to remove imperfections all while making our repayment.

Setting Mind
Parasole's Vegan Sock Is Made to Be 100% Recyclable

Planting your feet in the concrete jungle requires the same attentive support as Siri does for our control center throughout the day. Even though we sometimes forget how to keep our foundation healthy, innovators like are developing wearable science that is truly a walk in the park.

Quip Magazine
Njomza's "Vacation" Is Soft Serve Ice Cream For Your Ears

Untouched icing straight from the tub is the perfect way to describe Njomza vocals on her latest EP Vacation. "Mania is Temporary," is the first scoop that takes you through a vibrational, medicinal experience that sets up an oasis for your mind to relax in for the rest of the album.

Streets Of Toronto
Behind Inked Out Kicks

I believe that we are all born into this world because there is a message that needs to be shared solely by you and you only. For Daniel Mossayebi, the founder of Inked Out Kicks he leaves no room to question the influence and impact he manifests for his audience and as for a new onlooker, it will no doubt stick with you like chewing gum under your kicks.

Streets of Toronto
Loop Is Changing The Face Of Design One Border At A Time

With just one idea marked on the blueprint to use design for social change, Loop has become Toronto's poster child for how an image can speak a thousand words. Josh Layton and Ryan Felix are the co-founders of the multimedia maven's nest who met at The University of Waterloo practicing Urban Planning.

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