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Sabrina Carrington is a Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle Writer as well as a Breaking News Reporter/Journalist.

She takes pride in keeping up with the latest trends and news, appealing to diverse audiences, and creating content in a timely fashion.

As a beauty and fashion writer, Sabrina contributes to publications by way of creating content, Stylist layouts, Shopping Guides, Product Launches, and news/trend reporting.

As a Lifestyle writer, Sabrina contributes to publications by way of conducting interviews, performing Movie, Television and Book reviews, creating Dating & Relationship content, Home and Office Decor layouts, developing food content and recipes, etc...

Sabrina's ultimate goal is to become an accomplished Editor and Author as well as a consistent Media Contributor/Expert for a television/radio network.

The Curvy Fashionista
10 Luxe Accessories for the Fall Season

Have you ever had an outfit that didn't look like much until you added the right accessories? Well, this is why accessories will NEVER go out of style and will ALWAYS be the cream to our fashionista coffee! As The Curvy Fashionista editors, we write about stuff we love, and we think you'll like too.

The Curvy Fashionista
11 Honoré and Nordstrom Team Up for a Chic Collection!

Life as we know it has indeed changed and is super different in 2021. With so many changes, the fashion industry had to put their "thinking caps on" to meet the needs of plus size women across all walks of life... and with varying budgets.

The Curvy Fashionista
"Life's a Party! So Let's Celebrate!" Patrick Starrr x Fashion to Figure's Collaboration Reveal |...

Known digital creator, beauty mogul, actor, Master "Facebeater" and mega social media influencer Patrick Starrr, has joined forces with Fashion to Figure, a leading plus-size retailer of women's fashion apparel and accessories. His collection, "Life's a Party" is more than sparkling sequins, plunging necklines, and glam, but a redesigned way of thinking, drawing customers to celebrate life each and every day in style!

The Curvy Fashionista
The Hostess with the Mostest: X Fall Dinner Party

Fall is such a wonderful time to have a dinner party. We are sharing a few fall dinner party ideas with you- whether for an intimate setting for just a few special folks or a grand celebration of a holiday, birthday, engagement or anything grand!

The Curvy Fashionista
Love Your Lingerie? Here's 5 Tips For Organizing Your Sexiest Pieces

Who doesn't love a sexy piece of lingerie? I certainly do! Lingerie was designed primarily to make the wearer feel sexy or sweet, relaxed or sensual. The beautiful thing about lingerie is that you don't necessarily need an occasion to wear it! You can easily slip into a sexy number and wear it underneath your favorite loungewear.

The Curvy Fashionista
9 Big And Tall Shoes That Are Big In Size, Personality, And Style

Big and Tall shoes are always hard to find. Many men who wear larger sizes and widths often find difficulty finding decent shoes for the office, a meeting, a formal function or just to be stylish. Fashion is just now becoming more inclusive, however, let's be honest.

The Curvy Fashionista
20 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Plus Size Traveler

I don't know about you, but I am so ready for the holidays and a getaway! We had a crazy 2020, and 2021 had its crazy moments too! Some people are traveling, while some are still lying low.

The Curvy Fashionista
2 Plus Size Stylists Must-Haves for the Fall Season

In the world of plus size fashion, plus size stylists are by far one of the most coveted people. I have always loved stylists for their attention to detail and ability to create fashion-forward looks! Stylists have an important job that comes with big expectations.

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