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Saba Nia

Student journalist

Location icon United States

I'm Saba Nia, a senior at Harvard-Westlake in Studio City, CA. I'm deeply passionate about writing and community outreach, and journalism is the manifestation of these interests.

This page is a collection of the best work I have done relating to journalism and a landing site to my portfolio for the 2019 JEA JOY competition. Please take note of the entires I have listed below; though I hope you can look through all my work, if there are time constraints, please use what I have listed here as a guide on which pieces to focus on when viewing my other site. Please find my official portfolio at: [email protected]

And if you have any questions, contact me at [email protected]!

The Harvard-Westlake Chronicle
'Birding' Takes Flight

Category: Writing, News Gathering, Editing // For explanation, please visit portfolio site.

The Harvard-Westlake Chronicle
A Whole New World

Category: News Gathering, Writing // For explanation, please visit portfolio site.