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Sabah Ahmed

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Photojournalists, Trauma & PTSD - Are Media Houses to Blame for Lack of Support?

Photojournalists bring unimaginable events taking place in different parts of the world, right before our eyes. They capture the truth, regardless of how painful it is. Even if they return seemingly unharmed, they often carry emotional baggage. Their content is lauded, but their suffering during the creation process is pushed under the covers.

Major Car Crash in London Kills an 8-year-old, Injuring Nine Others

Sabah Ahmed, Toronto - The collision on Tuesday night in London, Ontario, causing the death of eight-year-old Alexandra Stemp and injuring nine others, is under police investigation. But for now, the Police believe that the car crash was unintentional and not targeted towards anyone.

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Conor's Skills Act As A Backdrop Says Dana White

The best of MMA will be facing each other, seesawing on the board of UFC to get their names jotted down in gold. The cage lights would certainly sear into their matchless potential, a test that the Russian hasn't taken before.

How To Stay Motivated When You Are Actually Not

Failure, heartbreak, negative criticism, physical abuse, financial constraints, death of loved ones, strained ties with family and friends. There is no such thing as a perfect life for anyone. The world we breathe in is a two-faced, hideous monster.

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