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I am a food enthusiast and love talking about everything cooking, recipes and everything food related.

Saad Raja
Saad Raja Food - 4 foods to keep your skin healthy

Is there anything worse than a bad skin day? And why is it always just before something important? just before a big night out, first day of a new job, A hot date?!? Arghh infuriating... Well enough is enough, time to take control.

Saad Raja
7 Foods That Act as Natural Medicine - Saad Raja Food

This week Saad Raja Food explores the foods and herbs that have served as natural medicines for many years, long before antibiotics came into existence. These natural defenders are still packed with the same goodness they were back then, yet many of us are not aware of their vast medicinal benefits.

Saad Raja
5 Quick and Easy Food Recipes for Working Individuals - Saad Raja

Long day? You and me both... What's for tea? Could get a takeaway? but you got one yesterday. Decisions decisions. Fear not Saad Raja Food has plenty of experience scrapping around the kitchen cupboards making food from what little bits you have lying around.

Saad Raja
5 easy and effective ways to preserve food - Saad Raja

Here at Saad Raja food, we like to eat healthy, fresh seasonal foods all year long. That's why we've broken down the 5 easy ways to preserve your foods all year long! Enjoy: Not as scary as it sounds - This method is widely used all over the world because of its simplicity and effectiveness.

Saad Raja
Top 10 Super-Foods on Planet Earth - Saad Raja Food

McDonalds, KFC, Burger King... Temptation lies around every corner. Eating healthy in 2017 is no walk in the park. But a balanced healthy diet can help you in more ways then one, helping you attack whatever life throws at you. Better skin, better physic and a better mental fitness.

Saad Raja
6 Foods that will help you build muscle - Saad Raja Food

Building muscles is a tiresome and lengthy process which requires vast amounts of patience. We start looking for improvements in our body after the first day in the gym. However, the reality is building muscles takes time and dedication.

Saad Raja
10 top cooking hacks to make your life easier - Saad Raja food blog

For many of us, cooking can be a daunting task. Sometimes it can be just too tempting sit back, order a takeaway and have a lazy night in. So, we've compiled our top 10 cooking hacks that will make the scary and often tiresome task a hell of a lot easier!

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