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I am a senior editorial associate for Twitter Moments and was a Team Stream editor for Bleacher Report.


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Blue Man Hoop
Draymond Green's poor shooting is not a cause for concern, yet

The NBA season is only a little over a week old, but that won't stop the premature concern regarding certain players. For the Golden State Warriors, some players, like Stephen Curry or Kevin Durant have gotten off to a stellar start this season.

Blue Man Hoop
Warriors: 5 legitimate challengers who can prevent a three-peat

Coming off a dominant postseason run to a second straight championship, the Warriors are eying an impressive third consecutive title. According to ESPN, the Golden State Warriors have a 40% chance to win the NBA Championship, the next closest team is the Celtics at 18%.

The Ladders
March Madness basketball games could improve your office relationships | Ladders

The NCAA basketball tournament is here and offices everywhere are in the midst of the madness. Workplaces are embracing March Madness with office pools, brackets and friendly competition. (Friendly, that is, towards every team but the widely loathed Duke University team, which is frequently dominant but was knocked out early this year amid much schadenfreude).

The Ladders
5 things referees can teach us about being hated at work

Imagine you are giving a presentation for work and everyone is waiting for you to screw up. N ot only will millions of people all over the world see your mistakes, but millions more on the internet can comment on them instantaneously. And angrily. And very, very colorfully. No pressure, right?

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Twitter Moments
Burgeoning Warriors chaos offers prime joke real estate

A blow-up between Draymond Green and Kevin Durant during the Warriors game against the Clippers carried over into the locker room, leading to Green's one-game suspension. For NBA fans, it was a "get your popcorn and memes ready" situation.

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