Ruth Amelung

Journalist/ Producer/ Director

Location icon Iraq

German-born, UK-educated and currently Erbil-based trained journalist and content producer, with extensive experience making and directing short-form docs, ad campaigns and talking head and archive interviews.
Refugee supporter, fleemarket-goer, runner, netflix and wine lover in my spare time.


Video Journalism Work // Production

Dove US - YouTube
Dove | Beauty on your own terms #MyBeautyMySay

Somewhere along the way, it has become the norm to judge women based on their appearance and use their beauty against them. With the #MyBeautyMySay campaign we feature stories of amazing women who stood up for their own beauty. My role was Casting Researcher on this campaign - successfully casting Elaine Sarantakos, Jessica Torres and Grace Gotham.

D&AD YouTube Channel
D&AD Judging Week 2015

Playlist of interviews with industry creatives from Judging Week 2015 at Truman Brewery in London. Heading up a team of 6, I interviewed more than 40 creatives on different topics categories within judging, as well as oversaw the daily edits and delivery of more than 20 videos including Late Nights at the Ace Hotel, Judges interviews and three round up videos.
The Sound of Whiplash

An interview with Bafta- winning sound mixer Thomas Curley about his outstanding work on Whiplash for the Oscar-nominee interview series 'Behind the lense: Filmmakers on Camera'

The Huffington Post
Rising Stars of Rap: Pearls Negras

Three young women gesticulate towards a camera, rapping a cappella in Portuguese, so in their element they don't notice the hundreds of eyes on them following their every step, hanging on their every word, in admiration of their raw confidence.
Jane Hilton - The Naked Soul

Jane Hilton - The documentary photographer made the decision to walk into a legal brothel in Nevada years ago, and over ten years later she's produced a documentary series for the BBC and has published 'Precious', a book telling the stories of the women through photographs.
Born In Brazil: Thiago Soares

Born In Brazil: Thiago Soares London is the city where dreams are made for this Royal Ballet principal dancer.
Interview with Petite Meller

Investigating sexuality, psychoanalysis and New Wave cinema with a French nuovo-jazzy popstar. Shot in the Pearl Fisher's ball pit, London.
Tor Miller - New sound from New York

Tor Miller - London is his songwriting mecca, New York is his inspiration; this singer-songwriter is mature beyond his age, and already has some juicy stage anecdotes in his repertoire.


Berlin Art Link
FASHION // ODEUR at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

Article by Ruth Amelung in Berlin // Monday, Jan. 25, 2016. It is no secret that Berliners are huge fans of the casual Scandinavian style and its labels, including Odeur Studios who showed at the Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week on Tuesday afternoon.
Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk

Former model Thierry-Maxime Loriot is one of the creative minds behind The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk at the Barbican in London. At the launch of the exhibition the French-Canadian spoke to us about the curation process for a show of such scale.
Polo in Argentina: Passion and Heritage

Seeing the handful of players, like Adolfo (Cambiaso) or (Lucas) Monteverde with of the world's best handicaps all on one field and the celebrations around it is infectious." The British may have introduced the game in 1888, but it is the Argentinians who have long since established that they are the cradle of some of the world's best polo players and ponies.

oh comely magazine
francli: cornwall's new outwear brand

We all love discovering brands that inspire us to be creative and embrace our adventurous side that little bit more. This time we found a special one that deserves our full attention. Francli is a new outerwear brand that takes great pride in up-cycling salvaged materials to make their gear.

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