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Forbes and Financial Times
Race to Success: Speed and Agility Are Keys to Winning the Future

Co-published in The Financial Times and Forbes For the company of the future to prevail, its leaders must unite and inspire people around new opportunities; they must give their employees room to innovate and grant them ownership of the new initiatives; and they must relentlessly push change forward until it becomes part and parcel of the organization's culture.

The World's Largest Airline: The Only Way 1 + 1 Can Equal 3

I'd happily fly a carrier if I'm surrounded by a group of people who are engaged and excited, rather than an indifferent bunch of employees who feel that their world is being changed around them and that they have no influence on what is being "done to them."

Will The Girl Scouts Earn A Badge For Change Leadership?

The most established organizations like the Girl Scouts of the USA, can have the most difficult time changing with the world around them. My colleague Russell Raath points out the key factors that will make the difference between success and failure for this century-old institution.

Hey Japan, Gordon Gekko Is In the House

It's been interesting to watch American investors seize control of companies when their CEOs are vulnerable. Here Russell Raath comments on how this phenomenon is expanding beyond our shores, and impacting one of Japan's biggest companies. The incidence of the increasing imbalance of power, sliding from corporate CEOs into the hands of activist investors and boards, has spread to Japan.

If You Want an M&A Deal to Work, Read This

My colleague Russell Raath and I fly often for business, so we both have a particular interest in the US Airways and American Airlines merger. In what follows, Russell offers the leaders of these airlines some excellent tips for successful corporate transformation. I hope they are heeded. We could all benefit from it.

Cultivating Leaders at All Levels of an Organization - A Field Report

Russell Raath, a senior engagement leader at Kotter International, has been facilitating a leadership-training retreat for underprivileged students in South Africa in partnership with the Make A Difference Foundation. He's been capturing his experiences on his smart phone; here's his second report from Cape Town, where he discusses the importance of developing leaders at all levels of an organization and building your own leadership legacy.

Training the Next Generation of Global Leaders

VideoAt Kotter International, our guiding mission is "millions leading, billions benefiting." For the past two years, we've put those words into action by partnering with the Make A Difference Foundation-a charity founded by South African rugby hero Francois Pienaar to provide educational opportunities to underprivileged students-to facilitate an annual leadership training retreat, [...]

When Innovation Fails

In business we speak a lot about "innovation" - how to foster it, how to drive it, how to implement it. But what do we mean when we talk about "innovation"? A recent WSJ article broached the subject and, rather accurately in my opinion, revealed what we have all known for some time: even when organizations are not necessarily doing anything groundbreaking or new, they still call it "innovation."

The Housing Crisis, and Its Lessons for Leaders

Dr. John Kotter's colleague Russell Rath describes how organizations can benefit by analyzing the way we invest in a home, and applying those methods to the way we invest in our employees. Read examples of how Kotter's 8-Step Process to Leading Change have been used to help other organizations, and learn how Kotter's 8-Steps to Leading Change can help you improve your organization.

Confident Leadership, Outside the Comfort Zone

By definition, change requires individuals to take on a host of new roles and responsibilities. For even the most seasoned leaders, guiding an organization through uncharted waters can be an immensely challenging-and frightening-task. I asked my Kotter International colleague, Russell Raath, what he thought was the most daunting challenge for leaders looking to implement innovative strategies and take their organization in a new direction.

Mandela on Leadership: Inspire Others to Exceed Their Own Expectations

Today we have a guest post from my colleague, Russell Raath, on an exciting youth leadership training program led by Kotter International. There is an incredibly poignant moment depicted in the movie, Invictus, when Nelson Mandela, the president of South Africa, and Francois Pienaar, the captain of that nation's rugby team, [...]

Leadership: The power of focus. And of thinking differently.

In tribute to the leadership of Steve Jobs, flash back to 1997, when Jobs had recently returned to the company after Apple's acquisition of NeXT. At an internal company meeting, Jobs talks about the reboot at Apple and reminds us that keeping our vision crystal clear and our actions highly focused are keys to future success.

Here's Why People Don't Get Your Strategy

Post written by Russell Raath At Kotter International, Russell Raath helps leaders accelerate strategy implementation. Receive our Newsletter. Of the most used and least understood terms in business (and life) today, "strategy" sits atop the heap. I'm a self-confessed news junkie, hitting up numerous sites throughout the day for my latest fix.


Why Busy Work Doesn't Work

A sense of urgency is crucial for organizations looking to transform themselves and achieve results. But too often, people mistake being busy with being urgent. The best leaders prioritize only those activities that create a true sense of urgency-positive motivation for employees to focus on their company's long-term opportunity for success.

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