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Getting Clean While Being Green

The alarm goes off at 6 a.m. It's Monday morning and you're reluctantly ready to start your week. After your usual 20 minute fight with your mind (and body) in an attempt to justify a few more minutes of sleep, you somehow manage to jostle yourself out of bed and begin your customary morning routine.

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New Year, New Leaf :: Fabulous products for a new you!

The holiday season has finally come to a close, leaving some of us joyous, broke, and a little heftier in the stomach than we were before the festivities. Although the late night scampering to the malls to find what you hope will be the perfect gift for your Secret Santa and the after-Christmas sales are over until next holiday season, you've got something new to contend with: New Year's resolutions.

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So we can conclude that teens and young adults are reading the news, perhaps not in the amount that the media is used to and not in the same way that generations of the past read their news.