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I've been fortunate that recreation is my vocation, so work has often felt like a vacation. Skiing is the hub, it led to many years as a professional ski guide in the Monashee and Cariboo Mountains and, most recently, as the Technical Director for Sun Peaks Resort in the interior of British Columbia. In the off season, I build ziplines, suspension bridges and aerial parks. The ability to combine my passion for the outdoors with storytelling is something that provides a great sense of joy and fulfillment.

Two Feet and a Helicopter Seat/ Ski Canada Magazine

Features, Travel // // By Ron Betts Get the most out of your touring day with a lift into the alpine. It's impossible to look back on last winter without considering the ways COVID-19 impacted people's mountain recreation habits.

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My friend Mike

In November 1990, my best friend and I boarded a train in Truro, Nova Scotia. We were lured by the mountains of Western Canada; our destination was Silver Star Mountain in Vernon. It was the first time either of us had travelled further west than Quebec and we spent much of the trip staring out the train window at the changing geography of Canada.

The Aftermath - Mt. Rescuers Pay the Price/ Ski Canada Magazine

Features, Snow School // // By Ron Betts Rescuers also pay a price so we can play in the mountains. Large numbers of skiers are socially distancing themselves from ski resorts entirely this winter, but how prepared are they for what lies beyond the ropes?

In Awe of the Eiger - Switzerland's Jungfrau Region/ Ski Canada Magazine

Watching the striking scenery roll past a train window pretty much anywhere in Switzerland, it's easy to understand why the country has inspired artists, Our destination was the mountainside village of Wengen with its proximity to some of the most famous peaks in the Swiss Alps-the Eiger and Jungfrau.

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Remembering inspirational women in skiing

Begin doing what you want to do now. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand, and melting like a snowflake. - Marie Beyron Ray People rarely set out with the goal of being inspirational, they become so through action or conviction.

Groups Dept. - Crans-Montana, Switzerland/ Ski Canada Magazine

Features // // By Ron Betts When you're climbing onto a bus in Switzerland with a group of 30 people you just met boarding a transatlantic flight barely a day before, a number of things go through your mind. "I hope I didn't forget anyone in the airport."

Havin' a Time - Marble Mt. Newfoundland/ Ski Canada Magazine

Nobody said skiing The Rock was easy, but it's definitely worth the adventure. The last time I skied Newfoundland was 1989. Back then, Marble Mountain had We weren't disappointed-we scored a solid morning of over-the-boot freshies. With no lift lines there was no shortage of stoke.

Assigning Blame/ Ski Canada Magazine

How many skiers have found themselves in this situation? A ski instructor with a group of young, giggling kids, all hopped up on hot chocolate and adrenaline, asks you to ride the chair with one of his students. Most skiers or snowboarders wouldn't think twice about sharing a chairlift ride with a happy grommet.