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Single woman awarded for parenting article * ESL writer whose essay found its way to the London School of Liberal Arts' online exhibit * Bookworm that blogs about frugal habits * SelfGrowth Goal Setting Expert * EzineArticles Expert Author * I can't swim nor drive, but I can paint, cook, and play the piano.

Five Fun, Yet Frugal, Ways to Entertain Friends at Home

To keep stress at bay, you would need to relax, unwind, and hang out with friends. But with restaurant meals, drinks, and movie tickets getting pricier and pricier each year, almost everyone can't help but be mindful of their budget.

Get Your Children to Help With Chores - Writing.Com

It's natural for young children to want to spend time with their parents. But doing household chores often cause mom and dad to take many hours away from their kids. So what is the solution? Use this as an opportunity to get your children to help you out with chores, and discover endless ways to bond with them.

How to Deal With Employment Gaps

An employment gap is a period that lasts for a couple of months to several years, when an applicant is not employed at a job. This may be due to a variety of reasons. A couple of the positive ones...

Want to Waste Your First 5 Years in the Workplace? Make These 10 Career Mistakes

(1.) Ignore unpaid internships/overlook volunteering. Fresh graduates are eager to work for that much-coveted first paycheck. But it's no secret that employers want to see proof of your competence in your resume. Employers won't give you a chance to work for them till you have shown proof that you have worked elsewhere.

Six Characteristics of People Who Set and Achieve Goals

(1.) They take time to determine what they truly want and how to get it. Any sensible and mature person has his own idea of what he wants most out of life. People who set goals hold mental pictures of what they would like to materialize before their very eyes.


Tips for Budget Stretchers
Tips for Budget Stretchers

Filipinos have never thought twice about spending money on gifts for special occasions, with birthdays and Christmas ranking high among our priority. But it's also a fact that if we don't put a tight reign over our budget, we would end up compromising and going overboard instead of cutting costs.

A Guide to Profitable Freelancing

I started A Guide to Profitable Freelancing in November 2012, and it has been a very challenging yet fulfilling project. I devoted much time and effort to this blog, and now I have decided to stop publishing new articles, hoping to land other writing gigs.

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