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Learning Insights: Neuroscience
Learning Insights: Neuroscience eBook: Wolfgang Reichelt, Nigel Paine, Martin Couzins, Roisin Woolnough: Kindle Store
Ecotextile News - February/March 2014 - by Roisin Woolnough Ancient and endangered forests are increasingly being cut down and pulped to make fabrics such as rayon and viscose....
Evidence-based learning: it's time to show what works
For too long, learning and development (L&D) practitioners have claimed that what they do is too subjective to be measured. But business leaders want to see more evidence of why...
Killer 'ghost nets' to carpet tiles
Our aim is to clean the seas from the waste that is on the seabeds or entangled in shipwrecks and transform them into yarn and then into products. There are roughly 640,000 tons...
Web driver issues free ticket to ride
In the second of a series on intellectual property rights, Tim Berners-Lee tells Roisin Woolnough that the net must be a public space.
No sex please, you're workmates
Half the UK population meet their future partner at work, with 40% admitting to at least one fling with a colleague, according to a book called Sex at Work (Capita, £8.99). But...
CSR reporting stuck in the 90s
Ecotextile News is the environmental magazine for the global textile industry supply chain. It provides exclusive news, features and in-depth comment together with the latest...
Online time-wasting: get out of my Facebook
Meet the man who invented the Web - Tim Berners Lee
In an exclusive interview, creator of the World-Wide Web Tim Berners-Lee tells Roisin Woolnough where it is all going. His parents met while working on the Ferranti Mark 1, the...
Green light
If every office worker in the UK turned off their computer monitor and screen when they left work each night, the effect on national carbon emissions would be significant. And...
Getting more value from the appraisal process

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