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Over 20 years of experience writing and editing for newspapers, magazines, websites, companies...A lot of the work that I do now isn't bylined, so the clippings shown are just journalistic content.

Break out of the bubble

If the academic community wants to influence online conversations about R&D then the first thing it must do is get where the action is. Join those online conversations.

Recent work

S&PA Professional Spring Edition, page 20

Spring is in the air and the latest issue of S&PA Professional magazine has flowered into existence. In this months edition we have news from Cardiff Metropolitan University as they become the first higher education institution to receive formal CIMSPA degree accreditation.

Learning Insights: Neuroscience

Learning Insights: Neuroscience eBook: Wolfgang Reichelt, Nigel Paine, Martin Couzins, Roisin Woolnough: Kindle Store

Personnel Today
Should we use apprenticeships to train managers? - Personnel Today

The apprenticeship levy has attracted a lot of criticism of late, with many questioning why the scope is now so broad it's possible to gain an MBA. Roisin Woolnough looks at the competing arguments for more management-focused apprenticeships.

Organisational storytelling: tell the story that needs to be told and tell it well

"Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin..." Storytelling in the traditional sense - through books, films or one person to another around the campfire - is a simple enough concept to understand. The urge to tell and hear stories is fundamental to human nature and we have been doing it for years and years, right back to caveman days.

Personnel Today
Personnel Today turns 30: How has L&D evolved?

As part of our series celebrating 30 years since the first issue of Personnel Today, Roisin Woolnough considers the vast changes that have impacted the learning and development field in the past three decades. To say that corporate learning has changed since Personnel Today was first published in 1988 would be an understatement.

Killer 'ghost nets' to carpet tiles

Our aim is to clean the seas from the waste that is on the seabeds or entangled in shipwrecks and transform them into yarn and then into products. There are roughly 640,000 tons of abandoned fishing nets - widely known as ' ghost nets' - in the oceans.

The older stuff

Web driver issues free ticket to ride

In the second of a series on intellectual property rights, Tim Berners-Lee tells Roisin Woolnough that the net must be a public space.

No sex please, you're workmates

Half the UK population meet their future partner at work, with 40% admitting to at least one fling with a colleague, according to a book called Sex at Work (Capita, £8.99). But not all employers are happy about staff indulging in office romances and some now require employees to sign a love contract, agreeing to certain standards of behaviour if embarking on a relationship with a colleague.


Ecotextile News - February/March 2014 - by Roisin Woolnough Ancient and endangered forests are increasingly being cut down and pulped to make fabrics such as rayon and viscose. So says the environmental organisation Canopy.

Meet the man who invented the Web - Tim Berners Lee

In an exclusive interview, creator of the World-Wide Web Tim Berners-Lee tells Roisin Woolnough where it is all going. His parents met while working on the Ferranti Mark 1, the first computer to be sold commercially. His mother became known as the "first commercial computer programmer" after accompanying the Ferranti to its installation site.

Green light

If every office worker in the UK turned off their computer monitor and screen when they left work each night, the effect on national carbon emissions would be significant. And if the last person to leave the office ensured that all lights and other office equipment were switched off, the effect would be even greater.

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