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Commissioning Editor at Women's Health

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Multi award-winning magazine journalist.

Loves: writing and editing features about women's bodies and minds; analysing health and wellness culture; unexpected twists in profile interviews.

Women in Journalism mentor for 2019 and City University Journalism MA graduate.

Women's Health UK
The Bad Habit Healthy Girls Can't Quit

You watch your nutrition, yet you make a big fat exception for diet fizzy drinks. But is this ‘harmless’ treat sabotaging your body goals?

Women's Health UK
Is This The Biggest Health Scandal To Hit British Women?

This tiny piece of plastic has become synonymous with a scandal so devastating and far-reaching, doctors are calling it ‘bigger than thalidomide’. WH reports on the female health crisis of our time

Women's Health UK
What The F**k Is Self Care?

It has infiltrated the wellness vernacular, but beyond the hashtags, do you know what it actually means – and how to do it?

Women's Health UK
Feeling A Little Lost?

It’s the billion-dollar industry that promises to transform the lives of its clients. But is life coaching a legitimate tool for personal development, or the emperor’s new clothes of psychological wellbeing?

Women's Health UK
Mind The Orgasm Gap

What’s that? Women are still missing out on that most elusive of climaxes? New research shows that we really need to stop laying the blame on lazy, unknowing men. It’s time to take responsibility for getting our rocks off

Women's Health UK
Hooked On A Feeling?

IV nutrient drips are no longer just for reviving hard-partying celebs – but do they offer anything more than a few likes on Instagram? WH gets wired up

Women's Health UK
Does This Pill Still Come With Stigma?

For many, taking medication for mental health issues is a last resort or a guarded secret. Why? And is it time we opened our minds?

Women's Health UK
Mind Your Language

Cutesy terms to denote women’s strength, power and status have crept into our conversations. As research suggests the way you talk about yourself could be sabotaging your progress, we ask if it’s time for this rhetoric to get a rebrand

Women's Health UK
Endometriosis: What a Tangled Mess

It’s a condition as common as asthma and diabetes. So why are women waiting a decade to get a diagnosis, searching Facebook for obliging doctors and boarding planes to get the treatment they need? WH reports

Women's Health UK
Louise Thompson: Girl On Top

For someone who’s chosen to play out every part of her life for the likes, sit down with the reality TV star-turned-wellness inspo and you’ll encounter a woman who is tenacious, self-aware and likeable. Louise Thompson draws back the filters

Women's Health UK
The Women Who Drop Acid To Be Better At Life

Once the domain of hippies seeking a kaleidoscopic dreamworld, psychedelic drugs are increasingly becoming the remit of professional women who want to think more clearly, work faster and feel happier. Are they on to something? WH takes a trip inside the world of microdosing

Women's Health UK
What Do All These Women Have In Common?

Each one has overcome or still wrestles with mental illness, from the debilitating dread of anxiety to the blindsiding flashbacks of PTSD. As we come to the close of a year in which mental health hit the headlines for all the right, and wrong, reasons, we hear from the women who’ve been there

Women's Health UK
Is This What "Vegan" Looks Like?

The V word. It could conjure images of a slogan tee or a blood-splattered placard; be the root of your entire identity or the source of all your cynicism. As veganism continues to monopolise headlines, one curious writer asks what it means to be plant-powered in 2018

Women's Health UK
Keeping Up With Kayla

The personal- trainer-turned-multi-millionaire-fitness-behemoth opens up about health challenges, wedding plans and why she won’t follow anyone else’s workouts

Women's Health UK
Have We Killed Cupid?

Digital dating has transformed the way we find love. But as new research suggests it’s hampering our ability to flirt, one (single) writer discovers it’s complicated in every sense

Women's Health UK
The Rise of the Gym Bunny Pill Heads

It's not only men who are taking the pursuit of the perfect body to chemical extremes. WH investigates the secret world of Britain's female fitness drug users

Women's Health UK
A better way to breathe

Sure, we know that a few deep breaths are your shortcut to instant calm, but as the rising trend of breathing studios promises a more long-term answer to anxiety, one stressed and sceptical WH staffer tries it out

Women's Health UK
The WH 50 Healthiest Foods

Unauthorised health halos make supermarket shopping a nutritional minefield. Meet your new expert-approved shopping list

Women's Health UK
How to deal with the fear of the unknown - even on really stressful days

Look down at your smartphone and the odds of being met with a jaw-to-the-floor news alert or Twitter notification are alarmingly high. From terrorist attacks to soaring levels of hate crime and the rise of nasty politics, there's plenty in the news agenda to put even the most level heads on edge.

The Independent
British Airways 'fly nannies' saved my childhood

Everyone hates my suitcase. Two years ago, the handle got jammed and refuses to go down. It sticks up stubbornly at half mast, claiming extra space on baggage reclaim belts and train luggage racks. When asked why I don't replace it, I'll say the squat, maroon, pull-along is the perfect size.

The Telegraph
America's big abortion battle could throw women back to the dark ages

Reproductive rights in the US have hit their midlife crisis. Exactly forty-three years have passed since the landmark Roe v Wade ruling made abortion legal in the US, yet the issue has never been more contentious. Pro-choicers are unapologetically taking over on social media, as evidenced by the recent #ShoutYourAbortion Twitter campaign, which encouraged women to share their experiences.

Women's Health UK
Does your protein pass the test?

Options for adding muscle to your post-sweat shake abound. But what do they do – and which ones will maximise your gains? WH investigates the claims

Women's Health UK
How Does Your Period Affect Your Workout?

Fair bloody play. That was the reaction in the WH office when Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui voiced why her team came fourth position in a Rio relay: she was on her period

Women's Health UK
'Anxiety took over my life - exercise helped me get it back'

In her new book 'Anxiety For Beginners, A personal investigation' Eleanor Morgan opens up about the real struggle of living with depression in today's world - the things that often don't get said. Here she talks about life before the book and how she found positivity in exercise.

The Pool
Why do women feel "too busy" to go to the doctor?

New research has revealed that a significant proportion of women prioritise family and work over visiting a doctor. Roisín Dervish-O’Kane unpicks the statistics and wonders if it’s all to do with the fact that we don’t take women’s pain seriously

Women's Health UK
Naked yoga Instagrams - the body positive pictures going viral

IYMI and your social feeds don't show it, reaping all the mind/body benefits of yoga doesn't require a physique with sub-15% body fat, wearing pastel yoga clothes from Alo or Lululemon. After practicing yoga for 13 years, Danish animator Marie Jørgensen (@yogaprints) doesn't need reminding of this fact.

Sound Effects

From adult colouring books to Instagram, our pursuit of wellness has focused on the visual. But all this is set to change

Women's Health UK
Only 20% of British women are confident in their bodies - true or false?

During the same month that negative body image advertising on public transport was called out, body positivity is trending (and rightly so) again. This time, thanks to Dove's Global Beauty and Confidence Report. In the last year how you feel about your body is being recognoised as more important than how you look.

The Debrief
Ask An Adult: I'm Not Pregnant So Where The Hell Is My Period?

Roisin Dervish-O'Kane | Contributing Writer | 8 hours ago The Debrief: Hypothalamic amenorrhea is one reason your flow goes MIA with no explanation. Here's what could be going on... Illustration by Marylou Faure Coming off the pill was meant to be the easy bit.

Does medicine have a sexism problem?

When we think of gender bias we tend to think of wolf-whistling builders and equal pay. But it seems women have another equality problem: healthcare

Healthy for Men
How The Rock beat down depression

What can WWE champ and Hollywood heavyweight Dwayne Johnson teach us about the relationship between physical and fitness and mental strength?

Fitness motivation: the Mumsnet approach

Are you finding those Facebook images of taut, neon-clad gym bunnies more intimidating than inspiring? Rally yourself to action in 2016 with a more doable approach to exercise

5 ways to get fit in 2016

Which new fitness trends and shiny gadgets are really worth the sweat? Mumsnetters sort the effective stuff from the fluff

Discover 3 new ways to stop stressing - Healthy

Stress isn't all bad. In fact, when it's impacting us in the right amounts in can help us power through at work, amp up our workouts, and more. But too much stress, too much of the time can wreak havoc on our bodies and minds.

"Only insecure people judge others"

The straight-talking US alpha trainer and mum-of-two Jillian Michaels on food addiction, self-love and building strong women - at every age

Stop Seeing Red

The latest expert advice on treating a skin condition affecting 6 million in the UK

How to big yourself up without being a bragger - Healthy

'Personal brand': two words that make any self-respecting Brit squirm, almost as much as 'elevator pitch'. Self-promotion is a murky area. No one wants to be a bragger, but in an age where everyone Googles you before any job interview, business link-up or date, we need to know how to do it.

Why sleep is a feminist issue - Healthy

When was the last time you woke up naturally and sprang out of bed feeling refreshed? If you're like most women in the UK, chances are, it's been a while. Recent research by the Mental Health Foundation found one-third of adults in the UK experience insomnia - and it's women who are hit hardest.

The New Health Rules for happiness: Solo-task - Healthy

'Must be a skilled and effective multitasker' reads pretty much every job application, ever. The ability to do many things at once is mandatory for success in 2015, but hours spent writing, emailing and scanning Instagram simultaneously for dinner ideas is wrecking our ability to focus.

Food and lifestyle

Take stock

Ladles at the ready: bone broth is one foodie trend with the health creds to back it up

Spice of Life

Give festive dishes some va-va-voom with cinnamon, ginger and cumin - your body will thank you for it

Your easiest ever summer slimdown

Forget calorie counting or mindful eating, the latest thinking in weight loss says you can drop pounds just be rearranging your fridge

Join the clean skin revolution

Serum, primer, moisturiser...has your beauty routine reached epic proportions? It's time to go back to basics for your best-ever skin

Eat Healthy
The Pegan diet decoded

Coined by US doctor Mark Hyman, the Pegan diet fuses principles of veganism with those of the Paleo diet, which is based on palaeolithic (stone age) principles. Both diets, when followed separately, are restrictive and can be expensive, and, as TV nutritionist Amanda Hamilton points out, can lack essential nutrients if not followed carefully.

Eat Healthy
How to soothe a sore throat

Sore throats are miserable. You wake up with a niggling scratch at the back of throat - and know that in a matter of hours you're going to be in agony with every swallow. Bacterial infections and allergies can cause sore throats, but it's most likely that you've been hit by a virus.

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